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Cities & Towns - Houghton

Ships, Water, Lakes, Buildings View of Houghton [Post card view of Houghton. A large ship can be seen on Portage Lake.]

Scanned: March 28, 2008

Cities and Towns - Ripley

Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Water, Lakes, Buildings Ripley from Houghton County Courthouse. Quincy Mine on top of hill. [View of rolling treeless hills and several buildings on the Houghton side.]

Scanned: June 12, 2008

Cities and Towns -L'Anse

Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees, Transportation, Roads Bluff & Bay - L'Anse, Mich. [Post card image of the dirt road with the cliff on one side and the bay on the other.]

Scanned: June 23, 2008

Cities and Towns -L'Anse

Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees, Transportation, Automotive L'Anse [Post card image of two vintage automobiles parked by the roadside. A stand of pine trees and a water view are shown.]

Scanned: June 23, 2008

The Swank Beach Motel

Industries, Service Industries, Hospitality Industry, Water, Lakes, The Swank Beach Motel and Restaurant Eagle River, Michigan Located on Lake Superior "Like Living on a Ship" Turn left off U.S. 41 on to M-26 at Phoenix to Eagle River - 2 miles. Enjoy your vacation on the largest island in the continental United States. We will be happy to have you aboard. Your hosts, Jim and Norma Swank.

Scanned: November 2, 2010

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

Aids to Navigation, Lighthousers, Water, Lakes, Eagle Harbor Lighthouse - This sentry beams its light out into Lake Superior as a navigational guide to ships and a signal of a safe harbor at Eagle Harbor, Michigan

Scanned: November 2, 2010

Sky Ranger to Isle Royale

Transportation, Air Travel, Water, Lakes, Smelting Sky Ranger to Isle Royale - Air service by pontoon aircraft as well as the surface ship Ranger III, provide transportation to Isle Royale National Park during the summer months. Embarkation is from Portage Lake at Houghton-Hancock, Michigan. [Good view of the Quincy Smelting Works as well.]

Scanned: November 8, 2010

Portage Lake Swing Bridge

Transportation, Bridges, Human Settlements, Water, Lakes Looking towards Hancock, Mich. from the Houghton side of Portage Lake in the "Copper Country" of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. [The old swing bridge showing the railroad tracks underneath.]

Scanned: November 9, 2010

Bete Grise Lighthouse

Aids to Navigation, Lighthousers, Water, Lakes, Bete Grise Lighthouse - This picturesque, quaint scene is on the channel from Keweenaw Bay to Lac La Belle. The Keweenaw Peninsula, at the western tip of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, is colorful, charming and rich in history. [Also known as the Mendota Lighthouse]

Scanned: November 9, 2010

Agate Beach

Water, Lakes, Manners and Customs, Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, Agate Beach on the sand dune drive between Eagle River and Eagle Harbor, Michigan

Scanned: November 9, 2010