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Excavation, Dredging, Water, Lakes, The Col. D. D. Gaillard, consistent dredge visitor to Portage Lake and Ontonagon harbor. Serviced by either of two tugs, the Lake Superior (successor to the Gen. C. B. Sears) or the Marquette (successor to the Essayons), this steam dredge buckets its lake bottom sand into steel scows to be emptied in deep portions of water. [Image of the dredge in operation.]

Scanned: January 23, 2007

Dredges - New Jersey

Excavation, Dredging, Water, Lakes, [Image of the dredge New Jersey, the worlds largest of its type.]

Scanned: February 15, 2007


Excavation, Dredging, Water, Lakes, Manpower, Labor, Skilled Labor Pryor's dredge in Torch Lake Cut and tug Ethel J. Pryor about 1895. [Several men are shown working the dredge.]

Scanned: February 26, 2007


Excavation, Dredging, Water, Buildings Dredges [The Col. D. D. Gaillard is pictured]

Scanned: February 21, 2007


Excavation, Dredging, Inland Navigation, Canals, Water Drg. Col. D. D. Gaillard - 116 x 40 U. S. Engineers in stilling basin entrance to Portage Ship Canal. [Image of the dredge with men standing on the deck.]

Scanned: April 27, 2007