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Wooded Area in Spring

Persons, Seasons, Woody Plants, Trees In the bush - Spring. [Two men stand next to a fence in a wooded area.]

Scanned: July 26, 2006

Fort Wilkins

Military Structures, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees Forts - Fort Wilkins [A group of cabins is shown. People gather outside one of them. A stand of pine trees and the lake can be seen in background.]

Scanned: August 22, 2006


Water, Lakes, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees Scenery - Three Lakes [A man dressed in a suit stands in a grassy field near a lake.]

Scanned: August 24, 2006

Islands - Isle Royale

Landforms, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees Natural Arch Isle Royale 1893, Caribo Island - Gilbert's Hole? [A man writing in a notebook stands on top of the natural formation.]

Scanned: March 8, 2007

Buildings - Houses - Exterior - Copper Falls

Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Woody Plants, Trees, Persons Louise Padberg's place, white stocking row at Copper Falls purchased by Robert and Beth Patterson of Houghton in 1978. [Well dressed men stand near the side of the building. ]

Scanned: February 13, 2008

Lighthouses - Menagerie Island

Aids to Navigation, Lighthousers, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees Three men standing in front of the Menagerie Island light station house. [One of the men is holding a bull horn. A clothes line displays the week's laundry]

Scanned: March 8, 2007

Buildings - MTU Frat Houses - Sigma Rho

Buildings, Clubhouses, Woody Plants, Trees, Persons Sig Rho House [Exterior view of the building. Some of the members are standing on the stairs. They are bottom to top: Udell C. Young; A. G. Ballenger; Martin Holland, Merlin Foard; ?; Clinton Ball, Foreman L?; L. J. Coman.]

Scanned: April 23, 2008


Woody Plants, Trees, Forest Products Industry, Lumbering, Persons Skidding Logs [Four men stand on top of a hill in the forest guiding logs to the bottom where a man and two horses wait.]

Scanned: August 9, 2007

Copper Mining

Natural Resources, Mines and Mineral Resources, Copper Mines and Mining, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees A Temporary Headframe [A man stands next to a wooden frame place over the shaft. A ladder can be seen going into the shaft.]

Scanned: June 5, 2009

Buildings - Churches - Cliff

Buildings, Church Buildings, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees Church at Cliff it was moved to Phoenix location in 1898. [A man stands underneath a tree next to the church. The building appears to be in a dilapidated condition.]

Scanned: February 4, 2008