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Sign and Signboards, Transportation, Bridges, Transportation, Automotive Bridges - Mackinac [Photo of the sign indicating the toll rates for crossing the Mackinac Bridge.]

Scanned: January 17, 2008


Sign and Signboards, Historical markers, Transportation, Roads, Cliff Mine 1843 The World's First Native Copper Mine. [Road side sign showing the way to the Cliff Mine.]

Scanned: November 10, 2008

Signs - Billboards

Persons, Sign and Signboards, Transportation, Roads Douglass Hotel Billboard on U.S. 41 [A man in a long overcoat stands in the road to have his picture taken with the Douglass Hotel sign which states it is the largest hotel in the Copper Country.]

Scanned: June 9, 2010


Sign and Signboards, Historical markers, Transportation, Roads, This sign on the outskirts of Ontonagon is getting considerable attention these days as tourists stop to reflect on the history of Ontonagon Country. This road earned a fair amount of money through its tolls. It was not completely planked until 1874. Prior to that, it was a most miserable pike notwithstanding its heavy use. It was the development of the Adventure Mine which brought about the planking. [Image of a rustic sign indicating it is the site of the toll gate on old miner's road from 1850 - 1870. The sign was erected by the Ontonagon Chamber of Commerce]

Scanned: April 7, 2009

Road Signs

Transportation, Roads, Woody Plants, Trees, Sign and Signboards This road sign can now be seen on M-26 in Atlantic Mine at the bottom of Van Orden Hill near Cole's Creek and at Redridge as well as intermediate points along the way. It tells the tourist where he might find the Aboreal (tree) Tunnel, the Archway Drive or the Covered Highway, as it is commonly called. [Image of the sign indicating where to turn to find the " Scenic Highway Arboreal Tunnel"]

Scanned: November 5, 2007

Bridges - Portage Lake

Transportation, Bridges, Persons, Sign and Signboards Portage Bridge nameplate indicating old bridge was built in 1895 comes down. Behind it are Jerry DeMott, Copper Country photographer, and Ronald Laurie, Michigan Highway Department employee. [The two men stand behind the sign which states the bridge was built in 1895 - Design and Superintendence by the Osborn Co., Civil Engineers - J. P. Edwards, Resident Engineer - Superstructure built by the King Bridge Co., Cleveland, Ohio]

Scanned: December 6, 2007

Cities and Towns - Rockland

Human Settlements, Transportation, Roads, Sign and Signboards Rockland really exudes some of the old atmosphere it possessed 60 years ago when the Michigan Mine, successor to the former Minnesota Mine, was working. There is more quietness today, however, in that the economy comes from Ontonagon and White Pine rather than from within itself as it did when the Michigan and former Minnesota were working. Here, on the approach from National Hill, Rockland appears like a little Wisconsin rural hamlet. Only the water tank is not visible. [Photo taken from the road leading into Rockland.]

Scanned: February 10, 2009


Sign and Signboards, Transportation, Roads, Matchwood, some four miles east of Topaz, is titled for the fact that the area provided millions of cords of good pine timber for the matches made by the Diamond Match Co., whose mill was in the Ontonagon area and which burned to the ground in 1896 in a disastrous fire which also swept away most of the village. Matchwood is between Ewen and Bergland. [View of the sign on a desolate stretch of highway.]

Scanned: January 29, 2009