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Jacobsville Road

Transportation, Woody Plants, Trees, Jacobsville Road, south of Rabbit Bay intersection [A photo a rural road. A few men and a horse are pictured. The original photo is blurry.]

Scanned: April 20, 2006

Construction - Shelter

Woody Plants, Trees, Transportation, Persons J.W. Nara, 2nd. from left, lean-to 1/4 mile off Jacobsville road [Men dressed in shirts and ties and suits construct a lean-to next to a bushy area. A couple of bicycles and a man in a horse-drawn carriage are obvious means of transportation to the site.]

Scanned: January 15, 2010


Transportation, Automotive, Buildings, Woody Plants, Trees [Two vintage automobiles are parked outside a tar paper garage. One is a convertible.]

Scanned: December 10, 2007


Buildings, Transportation, Railroads, Woody Plants, Trees Stamp Shoes [Image of a small building nestled among the trees. A shipment of stamp shoes on Mineral Range Railroad flatbed cars is pictured.]

Scanned: December 11, 2007


Transportation, Automotive, Seasons, Winter, Woody Plants, Trees Model T in Snow [The vehicle travels down a road with snow banks that appear to be higher than the car.]

Scanned: December 12, 2007

Biography - Earl B. Holman

Persons, Transportation, Woody Plants, Trees Earl B. Holman served 13 schools and 1,100 students in Stanton Township. [Early photo of Mr. Holman on his Excelsior Autocycle.]

Scanned: December 13, 2007

Bridges - Ontonagon

Transportation, Bridges, Transportation, Automotive, Woody Plants, Trees Ontonagon River Bridge near Victoria, Mich. [A vintage vehicle travels over the bridge.]

Scanned: January 17, 2008

Cities & Towns - Greenland

Woody Plants, Trees, Buildings, Dwellings, Transportation, Roads Adventure Turn, Greenland, Mich. [Image of a tree-lined dirt road and some of the buildings. A wavy rail fence runs down one side of the road.]

Scanned: March 17, 2008

Cities & Towns - Houghton - Street Scenes

Buildings, Dwellings, Transportation, Automotive, Woody Plants, Trees Hubbell Hall in background being re-roofed by Lansing firm. Blanche Street looking down. Note walker bending forward. [View of a home with what appear to be apple trees in the yard. Hubbell Hall can be seen in the distance.]

Scanned: March 28, 2008

Cities and Towns -L'Anse

Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees, Transportation, Roads Bluff & Bay - L'Anse, Mich. [Post card image of the dirt road with the cliff on one side and the bay on the other.]

Scanned: June 23, 2008