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Ahmeek Mill Trestle

Railroads, Buildings and Structures, Transportation, Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family The high trestle over M-26 at the Ahmeek mill on Torch Lake is fast achieving the reputation of being as signifcant a photographic prize as the much gabled Quincy shafthouse, No. 6. The diesel locomotives stop at different sides of the steel overpass depending upon which side the sun is holding reign. The Ahmeek mill is performing prodigious jobs these days. Its milling all Calumet and Heclas rock originating in the Copper Country. The trestle sees Caledonia as well as Ahmeek rock and it carries Ojibway ore as well as a sprinkling of Mohawkite. The photo shows No. 203 shunting mineral ore rock cars about in order to get the dumpings in the proper bins. [Image of the ore cars suspended above the highway with homes and automobiles below it.]

Scanned: April 17, 2009

Cities and Towns - Lake Linden

Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Transportation, Roads, Accidents Workmen in Lake Linden have begun cleaning out the mammoth hole that appeared in the villages main street, caving in a part of the intersection of M-26 and Eighth Street. Street Commissioner Joseph Kalcich, foreground, said a hole in a catch basins tile allowed the heavy runoff from melting snow and rain to undermine the roadway. A village truck parked at the site slid into the hole when the cave in occurred. Repair work will begin following further inspection of the damage by state highway department officials. [Image of workmen and the enormous hole.]

Scanned: February 2, 2009


Accidents, Fires, Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Transportation, Automotive Ripley's bush fire came very close to involving the houses on Third St. yesterday afternoon. The photo shows the proximity of the fire to the homes. [Smoke can be seen surrounding a home. Two automobiles are parked in front of the home.]

Scanned: August 27, 2007

Buildings - Cabins

Buildings, Dwellings, Transportation, Automotive, Woody Plants, Trees [Cabin nestled in the trees. A statue of what appears to be the Virgin Mary sits on a raised garden platform near the driveway. A van is parked in the driveway.]

Scanned: November 15, 2010

Cabin in Trees

Buildings, Dwellings, Transportation, Roads, Christian Communities [Image of cabins in the trees, just off the highway. Site of future Holy Transfiguration Skete Monastery]

Scanned: November 15, 2010

Eagle River

Transportation, Buildings, Dwellings, This is a general scene of Eagle River with the old warehouse and three of the main buildings. Courtesy of the Daily Mining Gazette, Houghton, Michigan.

Scanned: June 29, 2012

Snow Removal

Street Cleaning, Snow Removal, Transportation, Automotive, Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family Hitting a snow bank full force - may be Calumet. [A vehicle that looks like it may be from the 1940's trails behind the snowplow.]

Scanned: September 1, 2009

Street Car Rigged with a Snow Plow

Seasons, Winter, Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Transportation, Railroads, Street, Railroads Houghton County Traction Company, winter scenes. [Photo shows children watching a street car clearing a snowy road with an attached plow. The conductor can be seen in the car smoking a pipe, while another man pushes snow away from the car's side door.]

Scanned: August 31, 2012

Logging and Transport

Transportation, Railroads, Locomotion, Loggers, Dwellings, Lumber Camps Helbard at Pequamming. [Cut trees are being loaded onto a locomotive after having been stacked up around the railway track.]

Scanned: May 28, 2013

Locomotive in L'Anse

Locomotion, Transportation, Railroads, Loggers, Dwellings, Lumber Camps Ford at L'Anse. Last Ford Logging train to operate next day, August 5, 1948. Ford Road consisted of 23 miles of main line, 8-10 miles of sidings. It was built in 1912 of narrow gauge by Marshall Butlers Lumber Company. A Lima loco was used. Line ran from mill site up 4th Street between grade school & high school. [Locomotive seen puusing flat beds in L'Anse, presumably as part of the operations of the logging mill located in Alberta.]

Scanned: May 28, 2013