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Cities and Towns - Lake Linden

Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Transportation, Roads, Accidents Workmen in Lake Linden have begun cleaning out the mammoth hole that appeared in the villages main street, caving in a part of the intersection of M-26 and Eighth Street. Street Commissioner Joseph Kalcich, foreground, said a hole in a catch basins tile allowed the heavy runoff from melting snow and rain to undermine the roadway. A village truck parked at the site slid into the hole when the cave in occurred. Repair work will begin following further inspection of the damage by state highway department officials. [Image of workmen and the enormous hole.]

Scanned: February 2, 2009


Accidents, Fires, Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Transportation, Automotive Ripley's bush fire came very close to involving the houses on Third St. yesterday afternoon. The photo shows the proximity of the fire to the homes. [Smoke can be seen surrounding a home. Two automobiles are parked in front of the home.]

Scanned: August 27, 2007

Businesses - Gately's Furniture

Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Accidents, Transportation, Automotive Gatelys Furniture Companys truck driver, Fred Jaopperi presumed he had his big truck well anchored as he unloaded household appliances near the Nathaniel Mitchell home on Saw Street, Lake Linden this morning. But, upon parking his big vehicle on the hill with the brakes set, he didnt figure on the power of the sun which apparently melted the snow and started the conveyance on its descent into the front of the Mitchell home. Fortunately only the front portion of the porch was damaged and the vehicle was unscratched. Houghton County Sheriffs Deputy, John Gasperich, Dodgeville, is seen investigating the accident. [Image of the truck after hitting the porch. Ironically, a sign on the truck door states "We furnish the home."]

Scanned: April 14, 2009