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Businesses - Merrill's Paint Store

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Stores, Retail, Transportation, Automotive, Houghton's new Merrill Paint Store will open for business with fanfare, reduced prices and coffee and doughnuts. Owned and managed by Arthur "Bud" Merrill, the store is located on the west side of Franklin Square with easy and convenient parking and a head on facing of College Avenue. [Exterior view of the building with an arched roof line.]

Scanned: April 13, 2009

Businesses - Star Bakery

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Transportation, Automotive, Fleet is growing - "We started with only four small trucks," says Ed Ryynanen, manager of the Star Bakery in Hancock, "and now we have eight, most of which are new and of greater capacity. The Star Bakery has made considerable progress. While there is talk about slack times, the bakery management is optimistic and working and building for the future. Six of the bakery's trucks are shown here parked in front of the Star Bakery in Hancock. [Exterior view of the building with several delivery trucks parked nearby.]

Scanned: April 2, 2009

Buildings - Stores

Seasons, Winter, Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Stores, Retail, Transportation, Automotive The Uotila Clothing Store at Mass presented this uninspiring photo Wednesday afternoon after the heavy snowstorm of Monday. Merchandise on display in the windows could not be seen for the big banks. Some cars, nearby, were almost completely snow covered. Mass seemed to get the brunt of Michigan's snow Jan. 6.. [Image of the front of the store with snow almost covering the windows. The sun awning is still in place.]

Scanned: November 29, 2007

Cities and Towns - Hancock

Persons, Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Stores, Retail, Transportation, Automotive Hancock merchants display their wares on Quincy Street as part of a three day promotion. Today is a dollar day, tomorrow finds the Hancock Street Fair, and Saturday low prices will continue. A tribe of Winnebago Indians will perform all day Friday and there will be street dancing and a dance in the ROTC building at Michigan Tech. Downtown Hancock, here we come. [View of several businesses selling their merchandise on tables set up on the sidewalk.]

Scanned: March 30, 2009

Cities and Towns - Hancock

Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Stores, Retail, Transportation, Automotive [Hancocks main street is pictured showing the storefronts of Thodes Central Rexall Pharmacy, Dovers Music House, the Finlandia Restaurant and Sams Office & School Supply Co.]

Scanned: February 18, 2009

Gas Shortage

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Transportation, Automotive, "Sign of the Times" A Not too unfamiliar sign indicates a message that the fuel shortage has indeed found its way to the Copper Country. Other signs of the crisis recently have been the voluntary closing of many gas stations on Sundays and the rising cost of gas. Holiday travelling may be kept to a minimum due to fear by motorists that they might become stranded along the way. [Image of a gas station with signs in the window "Closed NO Gas"]

Scanned: February 3, 2009


Buildings, Church Buildings, Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Transportation, Automotive Catholic Church, Hancock [View of construction site probably taken from an upper floor of St. Joseph's Hospital]

Scanned: April 10, 2006

Businesses - Copper Motor Company

Transportation, Automotive, Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Stores, Retail, [A classic automobile is parked near the building. The business advertises Ford trucks and '54 Ford 4 doors complete with radio, heater and seat covers.]

Scanned: January 7, 2009

Cities and Towns - Houghton

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Transportation, Automotive, [View of the end of Shelden Avenue and bottom of Bridge Street before crossing the bridge. Photo shows a still standing smoke stack of the powerhouse as well as a Dairy Queen and Tony's Sports Bar, a traffic light is visible as well as a telephone booth.]

Scanned: December 22, 2008

Businesses - Toni's Country Kitchen

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Restaurants, Transportation, Automotive, Lauriums newest business building is among its most attractive and houses two established services catering to two basic needs. Tonis Country Kitchen specialized in pasties and bakery and in the second half of the building are the offices of Dr. Kenneth Repola. Tonis has a dining room, spacious kitchen and storage and vegtable rooms. The doctors offices consist of four examining rooms, a large waiting room, laboratory, a general office and private office. The new structure was occupied this spring and is located at Third and Kearsarge Streets. [Exterior view of the one story building.]

Scanned: February 18, 2009