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Cities & Towns - Calumet

Buildings, Dwellings, Seasons, Winter, Water Red Jacket Location on right. [Image of a row of dwellings near a creek. A mining building with smoke coming out of it's stack is to the right.]

Scanned: March 6, 2008

Lake Superior Shore

Seasons, Winter, Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees Lake Superior Shore in winter, Gay, MI. [Frosty scene shows a man sitting on a ice covered log.]

Scanned: March 21, 2006


Seasons, Winter, Ships, Water, Lakes Forward view of the Morland wreck showing 5 feet of ice. Reid Wrecking Co. tug at work. [View of the ice covered freighter.]

Scanned: July 28, 2006

Mills - Trimountain

Manufacturing Process, Mills and Millwork, Water, Seasons, Winter Trimountain Mill at Beacon Hill? [View of milling operations on a gloomy winter day.]

Scanned: July 25, 2008

Cities & Towns - Houghton

Transportation, Automotive, Water, Seasons, Winter Downtown Houghton showing trucks, waterfront, ferry terminal, Quincy smelter and mine. [One of the trucks parked near a building may be a ice cream truck or ice delivery truck. ]

Scanned: April 16, 2008

Snowshoes and Lake Superior

Seasons, Winter, Education, Postsecondary Education, Education, Higher, Water, Lakes [A hiker marvels at the scenery on frozen Lake Superior.]

Scanned: January 14, 2015

Lake Superior Icebergs

Water, Lakes, Seasons, Winter, Woody Plants, Trees Icebergs on Lake Superior [View of icebergs that have washed ashore.]

Scanned: April 22, 2009

Ice Hummells

Seasons, Winter, Water, Lakes, Ice Hummells Lake Superior, Calumet and Hecla water works [Large frozen stacks of snow and ice on Lake Superior]

Scanned: December 8, 2006


Water, Rivers, Woody Plants, Seasons, Winter Across P.L. from Isle Royale (Snowbanks along creek) [Natural creek cutting through the snow covered wilderness]

Scanned: March 8, 2007

Portage Lake

Water, Lakes, Seasons, Winter, Transportation, Railroads Across P.L. from Isle Royale (From Isle Royale Sands to Chassell) [View of Portage Lake in the winter across some railroad tracks]

Scanned: March 8, 2007