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Transportation, Automotive, Seasons, Winter, Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family Str. "City of Bangor" Chrysler fleet at Copper Harbor. [Two lines of cars line a snow covered road.]

Scanned: December 12, 2007

Buildings - Libraries

Buildings, Public Buildings, Library Buildings, Transportation, Automotive, Seasons, Winter C & H Library [A roof covers the entrance to the building, highlighting the intricate window design.]

Scanned: February 21, 2008

Cities & Towns - Calumet

Buildings, Transportation, Automotive, Seasons, Winter At Calumet Armory, Winter 1939. [A ROTC eagle emblem in the snow is pictured.]

Scanned: March 6, 2008

Cities & Towns - Houghton - Street Scenes

Buildings, Dwellings, Transportation, Seasons, Winter Winter Scene, College Ave. - Houghton [A horse and sleigh travels down the snowy avenue.]

Scanned: March 27, 2008

Cities & Towns - Houghton - Street Scenes

Buildings, Dwellings, Transportation, Automotive, Seasons, Winter Top of hill Hubbell Ave., ROTC at bottom. [View from the top of the hill of a very snow covered road.]

Scanned: March 27, 2008

Buildings - Houses - Houghton

Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Transportation, Automotive, Seasons House - G. C. Shelden [Beautiful mansion with ornate porch and swing. Good architectural detail.]

Scanned: July 28, 2006

Buildings - Barns

Buildings, Farm Buildings, Barns, Transportation, Seasons, Winter Hamilton Livery [A man in a covered sleigh driven by two dapple gray horses are pictured. Bells are attached to the horse's harness.]

Scanned: September 14, 2006

Buildings - Italian Hall

Buildings, Transportation, Automotive, Seasons Scene of Italian Hall, Calumet, Michigan. [Exterior view of the building on a rainy day. There is a "For Sale" sign in the window.]

Scanned: February 15, 2008

MTU - Buildings- Memorial Union

Buildings, Transportation, Automotive, Seasons Exterior View of the Memorial Union Building. [Image of the building showing the campus entrance. Vehicles that appear to be from the 1940s are parked in front of the building]

Scanned: September 29, 2008

Buildings - Hospitals

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Seasons, Winter, Transportation, Automotive Calumet Public Hospital, Laurium. [Exterior view of the building in winter. Two pick up trucks are parked near the building.]

Scanned: February 11, 2008