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Mineral Range Railroad

Transportation, Railroads, Seasons, Winter, Mineral Range RR pass Franklin [A photo of a steam locomotive with a large plow mounted on the front. Several men are standing in front of the plow and large snow banks are visible on the sides of the tracks. The negative is labeled "Mineral Range RR Lake Linden Photo by Isler 847".]

Scanned: December 14, 2005

Hancock & Calumet Railroad

Transportation, Railroads, Manpower, Labor, Accidents Wreck on H & C R. R. - Locomotive on it's side. [Group of men stand on the fallen engine.]

Scanned: June 14, 2006

C & N - W. R. Railroad Engine

Transportation, Railroads, Persons, C & N - W. R. Engine #736 [Several men pose with the engine.]

Scanned: June 14, 2006


Seasons, Winter, Transportation, Railroads, Manpower, Labor Snow wrecked engine at Osceola [Men attempt to dig out the engine. Poor quality, hazy image.]

Scanned: June 16, 2006

Mohawk Streetcar Station

Transportation, Railroads, Buildings, Transportation Buildings, Mohawk Streetcar Station [A photo of a wood shingled streetcar station. Several people are standing on the platform and the streetcar to Red Jacket is in the left side of the photo.]

Scanned: December 12, 2005

Bridges - Railroad

Transportation, Bridges, Transportation, Railroads, Seasons, Winter Copper Range Bridge [Impressive photo of the bridge. Men are standing on the lower level.]

Scanned: July 19, 2006

Railroad Depot - Perrault Building, Hancock

Armed Forces, Soldiers, Railroads, Buildings and Structures, Railroad Stations, Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress Perrault Building (1904) Hancock, Militia in front. [An exterior photo of a group of soldiers dressed in Civil War era uniforms standing in front of a railroad depot. While the photo is identified as Hancock, the structure is remarkably similar to the D., S. S. & Atlantic Depot in Houghton as identified by R. Acton (see MTU Neg 00878).]

Scanned: October 24, 2005

Ore Dock

Harbors, Docks, Railroads, Buildings and Structures, Water, Lakes L'Anse Ore Dock [Front of negative states " Huron Bay & Iron Range R.R. Ore Dock" Impressive wooden trestle structure jutting into the water.]

Scanned: July 26, 2006


Transportation, Railroads, Railroads, Cars, Railroads, Buildings and Structures Mill Mine Junction [Image of railroad tracks looking straight at the engine. Other railroad cars are lined up in each direction.]

Scanned: July 26, 2006


Earthwork, Transportation, Railroads, Steam Shovel [A group of people gather to watch the steam shovel in operation. A DSS&A Railroad car is shown.]

Scanned: August 17, 2006