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Buildings, Transportation, Railroads, Woody Plants, Trees Stamp Shoes [Image of a small building nestled among the trees. A shipment of stamp shoes on Mineral Range Railroad flatbed cars is pictured.]

Scanned: December 11, 2007


Transportation, Railroads, Railroads, Buildings and Structures, Woody Plants, Trees Railroad trestle [photo of what appears to be a newly constructed railroad trestle.]

Scanned: August 22, 2006

Cities & Towns - Dollar Bay

Transportation, Railroads, Buildings, Woody Plants, Trees Dollar Bay (woodside) before 1940. [View of railroad cars, tracks and what appear to be farm houses.]

Scanned: March 24, 2008

C & H Locomotive

Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Copper Mines and Mining, Transportation, Railroads, Woody Plants, Trees C & H North Bound Trap Rock Valley, Ahmeek Mill. [The train travels down the track in a woody area. The mill can be seen in the background.]

Scanned: October 16, 2009

Transportation - Railroads

Water, Woody Plants, Trees, Transportation, Railroads Train into Houghton. [The train travels a scenic route into Houghton.]

Scanned: February 11, 2010

J.R. Dee's Real Estate

Water, Transportation, Railroads, Woody Plants, Trees J.R. Dee's Real Estate (Water and Dock view) [Railroad tracks winding around a bend near a steep embankment leading down to a dock on what appears to be Portage Lake]

Scanned: March 22, 2007


Transportation, Railroads, Railroads, Cars, Woody Plants, Trees Copper Range train No. 103 the "Copper Range Limited" crosses over one of the three firesteel trestles enroute to Houghton and Calumet. The train consists of 6 cars including a mail and express car, baggage car, 2 coaches and 2 pullmans. [Photo of the train crossing the steel trestle.]

Scanned: January 30, 2007


Transportation, Railroads, Water, Rivers, Woody Plants, Trees [Photo of a railroad trestle above a river.]

Scanned: January 30, 2007


Transportation, Railroads, Woody Plants, Trees, [Image of railroad tracks.]

Scanned: January 30, 2007

Railroads - Copper Range

Railroads, Cars, Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees Theyve earned their rest. There are 25 railway cars in this string but not all are shown in the photo. The Copper Range wooden coal and copper ore cars have been in service since before World War No. 1. Now they have been put out to pasture near the slag pile of the one-time Michigan smelter. The cars were purchased without sideboards. To give them greater capacity the auxiliary planks were added. Many of the cars will still be used if the lines steel cars are too few. But most are on the way out. They were especially busy during the years when the Copper Range coal dock was in use. Many is the load of coal they carried for the Wolverine, Mohawk, Champion, Trimountain, Baltic and other mines. They have also transported coal to the Atlas Powder Co. [Photo of the retired cars sitting on tracks near the lake.]

Scanned: November 21, 2007