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Copper Range Snow Plow

Seasons, Winter, Transportation, Railroads, Copper Range Train Plow [Photo of the train coming down the track with the plow attached.]

Scanned: March 25, 2010

Railroads - Copper Range

Transportation, Railroads, Railroads, Cars, Seasons, Winter [Image of the Copper Range snowplow in use]

Scanned: September 17, 2007

Snowplow at Houghton

Transportation, Railroads, Seasons, Winter, Snowplow at Houghton, Spring of 1904 [A winter photo of a rotary plow on the Houghton side of the Portage. Coal docks and the Quincy mine are in the background.]

Scanned: December 14, 2005

C & H Snow Plow

Seasons, Winter, Railroads, Cars, Transportation, Railroads Calumet and Hecla Railroad snow plow. [Image shows a side view of a large wooden snow plow sitting in an overgrown rail yard.]

Scanned: June 3, 2015