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Railroads, Buildings and Structures, Roundhouses (Railroads), Persons, Seasons, Winter H & T L. Roundhouse [Two ice-covered railroad engines are shown]

Scanned: August 29, 2006

Railroad Companies

Transportation, Railroads, Persons, Seasons, Winter Mineral Range Railroad at Highway. Engine #7 [A group of children stand on top of a large snowbank next to a railroad crossing sign. Smoke billows out of engine stack while men stand near the train.]

Scanned: October 17, 2006

Railroads - Companies

Transportation, Railroads, Railroad Companies, Seasons, Winter Hancock & Calumet Railroad. Men stand next to the engine which has a snow plow attached. What appears to be a set of antlers is attached to the light of the engine.]

Scanned: October 18, 2006

C&H snow plow

Transportation, Railroads, Seasons, Winter, Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Copper Mines and Mining C&H snow plow [A photo of a dedicated snow plow locomotive.]

Scanned: December 14, 2005

Railroad Derailment

Transportation, Railroads, Persons, Seasons, Winter [Engine 161 - D.S.S.&A engine goes off the deep end.]

Scanned: December 13, 2010


Persons, Transportation, Railroads, Seasons, Winter [Two men stand on a wooden bridge. A train and station are in the background. Might be the Phoenix or Cliff area?]

Scanned: December 22, 2010

Houghton County Traction Co.

Transportation, Railroads, Street, Railroads, Persons, Seasons, Winter [Image of a trolley car on a wooden trestle. Two men wearing uniforms stand near the street car. A hockey sign is posted on the street car.]

Scanned: January 17, 2011

Street Car No. 22

Transportation, Railroads, Street, Railroads, Human Settlements, Seasons, Winter Street Car No. 22 turning from Pine Street onto 6th Street. [Good photo of this means of transportation traveling through the snow-covered streets.]

Scanned: February 26, 2010


Manpower, Labor, Seasons, Winter, Transportation, Railroads Hall's Camp - Loading logs to flatbed. [Large logs are loaded unto a waiting Copper Range Railroad flatbed car.]

Scanned: March 17, 2010

Street Scenes

Transportation, Railroads, Street, Railroads, Persons, Seasons, Winter St. Railroad Pine Street Houghton [Streetcar in snow. Even though the Reeder database says this is in Houghton, it looks more like Calumet.]

Scanned: March 16, 2010