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Hancock & Calumet Railroad

Transportation, Railroads, Manpower, Labor, Accidents Wreck on H & C R. R. - Locomotive on it's side. [Group of men stand on the fallen engine.]

Scanned: June 14, 2006

Railroad Companies

Transportation, Railroads, Accidents, Persons Mineral Range Engine #71 over on its side. [Men and boys gather to have a look at the toppled over engine.]

Scanned: October 17, 2006

Fires - Calumet & Hecla Firefighters

Persons, Accidents, Fires, Transportation, Railroads [A group of men, some looking like railroad personnel observe a fire producing thick black smoke near the railroad tracks. A crane with the wording of C & H Consolidated Copper is shown.]

Scanned: October 16, 2008

Street Car - Calumet

Transportation, Railroads, Street, Railroads, Accidents, Human Settlements Street Car - Calumet [A disabled street car pulled by a tractor. Three men are looking underneath the car to see if they can solve the problem. A sign on the car reads "Calumet - Enter by Front Door.]

Scanned: August 31, 2010

Railroads - Accidents

Transportation, Railroads, Accidents, Seasons, Winter Train wreck at L'Anse, MI. [Photo of the wreck.]

Scanned: January 30, 2007

Railroads - Soo Line

Transportation, Railroads, Persons, Accidents [Photo of a Soo Line Railroad derailment.]

Scanned: January 30, 2007

Railroad Accidents - Soo Line

Accidents, Transportation, Railroads, Persons Friday found the two big Soo Line locomotives in this position. One of the engines has been righted to parallel the track. This locomotive, following the derailing, was left crosswise on the rails. Reported is that ice and heavy debris trucks dropping some of their contents were causes of the accident but railroad officials would not confirm the rumor. The location here is at a point where the Tolfree Road Junctions with M-64. The two diesels went off the route Wednesday while bound for the White Pine mine site. [Photo of the train off the track. Several workers assess the damage.]

Scanned: February 24, 2009

Fires - Ontonagon Paper Mill

Accidents, Fires, Transportation, Railroads, Fire Department, Officials and Employees, Fire Fighters Ontonagon's paper mill fire is said to be under control but this picture reveals that things are not as rosy as they seem. This car load of waste paper is on fire and the fire units are endeavoring to quell it. About five of the Milwauke Road cars where similarly affected but there were no damaged cars of finished paper product. Not only will the mill suffer from the fire but the railroad also will sustain losses both in business and in damages. [Fire fighters hose down one of the burning box cars.]

Scanned: January 26, 2009


Disasters, Fires, Transportation, Railroads, Accidents Round House Fire Wreckage [Some of the buildings and a train engine are pictured.]

Scanned: August 4, 2008

Street Car No. 26

Transportation, Railroads, Street, Railroads, Accidents, Human Settlements Street Car No. 26 off track in E. Houghton [A tractor assists the streetcar on an unpaved road. The Reeder database says this is E. Houghton but it looks more like Calumet.]

Scanned: August 31, 2010