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Power House

Transportation, Railroads, Buildings, Transportation Buildings, Houghton County Street Railway Power House in Hancock.

Scanned: September 5, 2012


Ships, Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Railroads, Buildings and Structures N.Y. Cent. boat unloading at Copper Range Railroad dock. [Rather dark photo showing a ship docked at the Copper Range Railroad dock. Locomotive is shown running along tracks as well as commercial buildings in background]

Scanned: March 22, 2006

Buildings - Pavilions

Buildings, Pavilions, Railroads, Buildings and Structures, Railroad Stations, Crest View - Eagle River

Scanned: March 29, 2006

Railroad Engines

Transportation, Railroads, Railroads, Buildings and Structures, Roundhouses (Railroads), Railroad Engines [An exterior photo of two engines in a roundhouse. One man is standing on each engine. The engines are numbers 208 and 202. 202 also has the letters D.S.S & A. on it.]

Scanned: December 12, 2005

D.S.S. & A Depot, Calumet

Transportation, Railroads, Railroads, Buildings and Structures, Railroad Stations, D.S.S. & A Depot, Calumet [A photo of a brick, two story depot in winter. Several people are standing under the eaves and a horse and sleigh team is in the foreground.]

Scanned: December 12, 2005

Cities and Towns -Baraga

Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Transportation, Railroads Holie (?) Baraga [Photo of a three story building with several men and a dog gathered on the lower level. One man is holding a harp. A Duluth South Shore and Atlantic railroad car is shown in the background.]

Scanned: May 17, 2006

Mohawk Streetcar Station

Transportation, Railroads, Buildings, Transportation Buildings, Mohawk Streetcar Station [A photo of a wood shingled streetcar station. Several people are standing on the platform and the streetcar to Red Jacket is in the left side of the photo.]

Scanned: December 12, 2005

Railroad Depot - Perrault Building, Hancock

Armed Forces, Soldiers, Railroads, Buildings and Structures, Railroad Stations, Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress Perrault Building (1904) Hancock, Militia in front. [An exterior photo of a group of soldiers dressed in Civil War era uniforms standing in front of a railroad depot. While the photo is identified as Hancock, the structure is remarkably similar to the D., S. S. & Atlantic Depot in Houghton as identified by R. Acton (see MTU Neg 00878).]

Scanned: October 24, 2005

Ore Dock

Harbors, Docks, Railroads, Buildings and Structures, Water, Lakes L'Anse Ore Dock [Front of negative states " Huron Bay & Iron Range R.R. Ore Dock" Impressive wooden trestle structure jutting into the water.]

Scanned: July 26, 2006


Transportation, Railroads, Railroads, Cars, Railroads, Buildings and Structures Mill Mine Junction [Image of railroad tracks looking straight at the engine. Other railroad cars are lined up in each direction.]

Scanned: July 26, 2006