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Houghton Fire Hall

Buildings, Public Buildings, Fire Stations, Education, Postsecondary Education, Education, Higher, Houghton Fire Hall - First home of the Michigan College of Mines. Classes first held here 1886-87.

Scanned: November 4, 2010

Court House - Houghton, Michigan

Buildings, Public Buildings, Courthouses, , Court House - Houghton, Mich. [Exterior view of the front of the gothic building.]

Scanned: November 4, 2010

Buildings - Fisher Hall

Buildings, Public Buildings, Education, Postsecondary Education, Education, Higher, MTU Buildings - Fisher Hall [Color photo of Fisher Hall]

Scanned: May 11, 2006

Good Will Farm

Buildings, Public Works, Public Buildings, [Photo of the Good Will Farm Childrens' Home when H. M. Draper was Superintendent]

Scanned: June 7, 2006

Archival Student Assisstant Reviewing Blue Prints

Buildings, Public Buildings, Library Buildings, , Department Photograph [male student assisstant goes over a set of blue prints and takes notes in the reading room of the Archives.]

Scanned: October 4, 2011

Saint Joseph Church, Lake Linden

Buildings, Public Buildings, , [Image of the original plan for Saint Joseph's Catholic Church in Lake Linden. The eastern facing facade was originally designed to face the lake, though changes to the highway plan resulted in the western facade (which is what is currently visable from the highway) to be the main entrance. The original eastern facade is shown in this image as being the front of the church. ]

Scanned: January 18, 2012

Buildings - Opera Houses

Performing Arts, Theater, Buildings, Public Buildings, Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress Lake Linden Opera House [Group of men and boys standing in front of building. Covered horse drawn wagon coming up the dirt street. Good architectural details of buildings.]

Scanned: March 24, 2006

Buildings - Libraries - Calumet & Hecla

Public Works, Public Buildings, Library Buildings, , C & H Library [Brick building with Art Deco trim]

Scanned: April 7, 2006


Buildings, Public Buildings, Courthouses, Human Settlements, Ontonagon Courthouse [Good photo of this brick building with piles of wood neatly stacked in the back of the building. Good architectural detail.]

Scanned: May 2, 2006

Schools - Ontonagon

Buildings, Public Buildings, Education, Human Settlements, Cities and Towns Ontonagon Schools [Exterior view of school. Good architectural details.]

Scanned: May 11, 2006