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Fire Hall 1885

Education, Postsecondary Education, Education, Higher, Buildings, Public Buildings, Fire Stations, Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress Fire Hall 1885 - First home of Michigan Mining School [Firefighters stand out front of the fire hall (Michigan Tech Centennial Page vi)]

Scanned: January 15, 2008

Buildings - Houghton Fire Hall

Buildings, Public Buildings, Fire Stations, Persons, Revealed here are some of the men who scampered about the top of the old Continental fire hall as though they were jack rabbits. According to Chief James Chappell, these men contributed to the removal of the bell. Some are shown at the top of the former steeple which also, at one time, housed a clock somewhat similar to the one now telling the time of day in Hancock. They are Fred Mattila, Butch Keranen, Al Messner, Jackie Heikkinen, Fred Sargent, Chickie Hannon and James Lightfoot. Seven of the 18 men of the department participated in the bell's removal. [Image of the men and removal equipment at the top of the fire hall.]

Scanned: January 26, 2009