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Mill Interior

Manufacturing Process, Mills and Millwork, Persons, Interior of unidentified industrial building [Stereoview showing inside of mill building.]

Scanned: November 16, 2009

Michigan Smelter Plant Overview

Smelting, Persons, Manufacturing Process Michigan Smelter Plant Overview [Image showing stacks and stacks of copper ingots. A ghost like figure can be seen in the lower left portion of the negative.]

Scanned: April 13, 2010

Cities & Towns - Keweenaw Bay

Persons, Buildings, Manufacturing Process, Mills and Millwork Keweenaw Bay Station and Stamp Mill [A group of well dressed people have a seat on the grass by the station. Smoke billows out of the chimneys of the mill.]

Scanned: May 28, 2008

Industries - Logging

Manufacturing Process, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees According to Foreman Supervisor Robert Funke of Baraga, there are about 5,000 cords of pulp logs on the Marathon Corporation lots at L'Anse. The clam is lifting poplar logs already peeled and loading them in gondolas for shipment to Wausau, Wis. for paper making. [Image of the massive amount of logs being readied for shipment.]

Scanned: April 15, 2009

Industries - Woodworking

Manufacturing Process, Persons, Buildings C. M. Bailey, foreman of the Shepperd Parrish wood working plant at Ewen, exhibits one of the companys products - a womans best weapon. [Mr. Bailey stands in a field outside of the plant holding a rolling pin.]

Scanned: April 15, 2009

Riippa Sawmill

Persons, Manufacturing Process, Mills and Millwork, Saw Mills, Leonard Smith of Houghton, superintendent of the Portage Lake Lumber Co. sawmill on the Houghton Canal Road, surveys activity around the mill. He is standing next to the lumber pile in the center of the photo. The old Blazer mill is now owned by Riippa Brothers of Winona. [Photo of milling operations including buildings, equipment and lumber.]

Scanned: November 2, 2010

Ripley Bowling Pin Company

Persons, Manufacturing Process, Mills and Millwork, Carl Lassila stands near a rack of unpainted bowling pins. He holds dimension wood which will ultimately be shaped into a bowling pin. The pins were shaped at the Dodgeville plant from wood dimensioned in the Ripley Gibbs City Lumber Co. factory. The pins are labeled Ripley Bowling Company. [Mr. Lassila stands next to a rack of unfinished bowling pins.]

Scanned: March 31, 2009

Ripley Bowling Pin Company

Persons, Manufacturing Process, Mills and Millwork, Leo Niemi is pictured near a consignment of Ripley Bowling Pin Co. pins which are ready to move to the market in Chicago. Leo is the gluer at the Dodgeville plant of the Gibbs City Lumber Co. [Mr. Niemi displays one of the finished pins.]

Scanned: March 31, 2009

Copper Country Products - Vollwerth & Company

Manufacturing Process, Persons, Frank Nowicki here confers with Secretary Donald Fisher of the Vollwerth firm in Hancock. Nowicki is the inspector for the Hancock unit which has been paid a unique tribute by both the United States and the Michigan Department of Agriculture. The scene here stresses the great variety of Vollwerth products and the detailed inspection given them. [The two men are shown with a large bologna. Other meat products can be seen hanging on racks behind them.]

Scanned: February 20, 2009

Keweenaw Bay Stamp Mill

Buildings, Persons, Manufacturing Process, Mills and Millwork [Photograph taken at the Keweenaw Bay Stamp Mill at the depot. Also seen are people around the depot and the rail way.]

Scanned: February 11, 2013