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Lake Fanny Hooe and Fort Wilkins

Water, Lakes, Parks, Woody Plants, Trees Overlooking Lake Fanny Hooe and Showing Old Fort Wilkins, Copper Harbor.

Scanned: June 16, 2009

Eagle Harbor

Water, Lakes, Harbors, Docks, Woody Plants, Trees Scenes from the Eagle Harbor light house. [A row boat is tied to what appears to be a newly constructed dock.]

Scanned: June 16, 2009

Rail Yards - Houghton

Woody Plants, Trees, Water, Lakes, Transportation, Railroads Scene on the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Rail Yard near Houghton. [View of rail yard near the lake.]

Scanned: June 23, 2009

Lake Fanny Hooe

Human Settlements, Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees Lake Fanny Hooe from Brockway Mountain, Copper Harbor [View of lake and plotted land.]

Scanned: June 23, 2009

Cities & Towns - Copper Harbor

Human Settlements, Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees Overlooking Copper Harbor from Brockway Mountain [Scenic view taken from book ART WORK OF LAKE SUPERIOR REGION OF MICHIGAN - OSHKOSH, WI 1898 PART 10]

Scanned: August 3, 2006

Cities & Towns - Eagle Harbor

Buildings, Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees View Along Shore at Eagle Harbor [A few rustic buildings built close to shore are pictured.]

Scanned: March 7, 2008

Copper Harbor

Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Woody Plants, Trees, Water, Lakes [Early sketch of the town of Copper Harbor. Only nine buildings are visible, with Brockway Mountain in the background. Illustration carries attribution to "Lossing-Barritt" probably referring to Benson John Lossing and William Barritt, active illustrators of the late Nineteenth Century.]

Scanned: November 16, 2006

MTU Ford Forestry Center

Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees, Persons Fall at the Ford Forestry Center at Alberta, MI

Scanned: March 11, 2011

Isle Royale

Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees, Isle Royale

Scanned: March 14, 2011

Buildings - Cottages

Buildings, Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees Paull cottage at Bootjack. [Exterior view of a large cottage, with a porch, near the lake.]

Scanned: March 30, 2011