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Diamond Drilling

Persons, Miners, Woody Plants, Trees The first necessary item to be given attention in diamond drilling back in 1915 was the installation of the boiler. Here a group of drillers are assembled in the foothills of the Porcupine Mountains of Ontonagon County preparatory to diamond drilling for the Cole and McDonald Co. of Virginia, Minn. Hurontown's Walter Harvey indicates that the drilling was for the White Pine Co. It is known that the Extension sank a shaft in this area and it likely was this company and not the White Pine Co. which preceeded the current White Pine of Copper Range. [Image of two men standing next to the boiler which looks like it could belong to bootleggers of the prohobition era.]

Scanned: February 18, 2009

Diamond Drilling

Persons, Miners, Woody Plants, Trees The White Pine Extension came to an abrupt end in 1918 although it was admitted that there was copper in the area but not of the type usually desired at the time, native. Hurontown's Walter Harvey took these pictures as evidence of the days when the diamond drill operations were in effect. The land at present is not under the ownership of the Copper Range Co., which possesses considerable acreage in the White Pine regions of Ontonagon County. [Three of the miners stand in the doorway of a building resembling a shack.]

Scanned: February 19, 2009