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Quincy Employment Card

Persons, Manpower, Labor, Miners, Copper Miners [Employment card for German immigrant, Julius Konopka.]

Scanned: June 21, 2013

Miners, Painesdale, Mich.

Manpower, Labor, Skilled Labor, Persons, Miners, Copper Miners Miners, Painesdale, Mich. - [A group of miners. some with the candles on their helmets still aflame, pose for a photo.]

Scanned: February 25, 2011

Big Annie

Persons, Immigrants, Industrial Relations, Labor Disputes, Strikes and Lockouts, Miners, Copper Miners Big Annie Clemens [A leader of the 1913-1914 mine strikes (Michigan Tech Centennial Page 62)]

Scanned: February 28, 2008

Copper Mining

Persons, Miners, Copper Miners, Manpower, Labor Underground Filling Train Car - Locomotive in foreground. [Image of two miners, one in the locomotive the other in the car behind holding a shovel.]

Scanned: November 12, 2008