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Transportation - Courtin' Bike

Transportation, Buildings, Civic Centers, Arts Facilities, Theaters, Peace Officers, Police Officer Ray Smith chats with Mr. & Mrs. James Grubb on their bicycle built for two. Jim is in his third year of mining engineering at Michigan Tech. Jim has had the bike for three years, but it wasnt always his, he took it in on a trade deal from one of his buddies who used it to court his wife. Ever since then, it has been called a Courtin' bike. It actually is a combination of two bicycles, a girls and a boys. Jim says his wife who rides the fore part, is the pilot while he produces most of the propulsion, is the chief engineer. [The Grubbs have a conversation with Officer Smith in front of the Kerredge Theater which is showing "The High and the Mighty" in Cinemascope.]

Scanned: April 16, 2009