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Veterans Groups - VFW

Peace Officers, Police, Transportation, Automotive, Buildings, Public Buildings, Fire Stations Houghtons Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 1292 wants the young bicycle riders of the Village given a maximum of protection. Because of the concern they are equipping every bicycle in the town with glow ribbon stickers so that the bikes can be seen by approaching vehicles. All youthful bicycle riders in the village need do to have their wheels equipped is to report at the fire hall and any of the men in charge will be glad to place the ribbon or VFW initials on the rear guard. The letters are available and will be placed on the bikes through the cooperation of the post, the Houghton fire department and the Houghton village police. In this photo Police Chief Joseph McGuire is standing by while James Lowney Sr. of the fire departments truck division is placing the stickers on young Paulie Colombes speedy racer. [Good photo of a 1950s police cruiser.]

Scanned: April 15, 2009

Transportation - Courtin' Bike

Transportation, Buildings, Civic Centers, Arts Facilities, Theaters, Peace Officers, Police Officer Ray Smith chats with Mr. & Mrs. James Grubb on their bicycle built for two. Jim is in his third year of mining engineering at Michigan Tech. Jim has had the bike for three years, but it wasnt always his, he took it in on a trade deal from one of his buddies who used it to court his wife. Ever since then, it has been called a Courtin' bike. It actually is a combination of two bicycles, a girls and a boys. Jim says his wife who rides the fore part, is the pilot while he produces most of the propulsion, is the chief engineer. [The Grubbs have a conversation with Officer Smith in front of the Kerredge Theater which is showing "The High and the Mighty" in Cinemascope.]

Scanned: April 16, 2009

Crimes - Vandalism

Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Peace Officers, Police, This unoccupied home owned by Mrs. Frank Plautz of 817 Ninth St. Calumet was the target of three seven-year old rock throwers Monday evening. John L. Sullivan, left, chief of police of Calumet Village said 95 windows were broken by the youngsters, the rocks passing through double panes in most instances. Parents of the youths will be liable for damages. [The police chief assess the damages caused by the children.]

Scanned: October 17, 2007

Quincy Mining Company Mounted Police (?)

Buildings, Peace Officers, Police, [Group of eleven men on steps of building. Men are wearing winter hats, riding pants and boots, and uniforms with six-pointed star badges. Note from original negative sleeve reads "Mounted Police?"]

Scanned: March 9, 2007

Copper on Dollar Bay Dock

Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Peace Officers, Police, Buildings Copper on Dollar Bay Dock [Impressive photo of stacks and stacks of copper ingots. A man dressed in uniform and wearing a badge, poses with his guard dog. The dog stands on copper tubes.]

Scanned: February 15, 2010

Calumet & Hecla Police Department

Buildings, Peace Officers, Police, Calumet, Michigan. Calumet and Hecla police department. As there is no municipal government here, it is up to the mining companies to take all measures for safeguarding their properties. [Photo taken in the shade of a rather large police force in uniform.]

Scanned: January 10, 2011