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Dams - Redridge

Earthwork, Dams, Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Copper Mines and Mining Top photo: The building of the Salmon Trout Steel dam at Redridge by the Baltic Mining Co. in 1901-02. Note smoke stack on right, that of the Atlantic Stamp mill which operated from 1892-1912. In foreground is the log dam of the Atlantic Mining Co. built in 1892. Bottom photo: Redridge in year 1900. Smokestack on left is that of the Atlantic Mining Co. mill. In extreme left, house on hillside is that of the Atlantic Mining Co. store. It burned down in Sept. of 1912. Then the Baltic built its new and larger store. [Two photos in one showing mining operations as well as a layout of the town of Redridge.]

Scanned: November 8, 2007