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MTU General - Campus Senes

Buildings, Public Buildings, Manners and Customs, Recreation, Sports, Transportation, Roads Wadsworth Hall, Sherman Gym, Athletic Field. [Arial photograh of the Michigan Tech campus showing Wadsworth Hall, Sherman Gym, and the Athletic Field along US-41. (Michigan Tech Centennial Page 118)]

Scanned: October 6, 2008

Recreation - Biking

Manners and Customs, Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, Cycling, Transportation, Roads, Persons [Three men ride bicycles on a grassy unpaved road.]

Scanned: March 30, 2011

Races - Soap Box Derby

Transportation, Automotive, Persons, Manners and Customs, Recreation Symbol of the Copper County's main industry back in 1843. This is the float which left Wednesday for the Mackinac Bridge dedication. In the form of a copper ingot, it is 17 feet in length. Raymond Kolehmainen of Ripley, last year's derby winner at the soap box trials on Hancock's Ingot St., will ride it at Mackinac but Donald Trevethan of Hancock is in the driver's seat above. The float with a derby car atop, left at 9 a.m. with its driver, Francis Roberts, expecting to reach St. Ignace before five o'clock. Ray accompanied Mr. Roberts. They expect to remain four days at the bridge site. The float was sponsored by the Elks Club, the Hancock Chamber of Commerce and other units. [The boy sits in the derby car on top of the float.]

Scanned: October 18, 2007

Airplane Show

Transportation, Air Travel, Manners and Customs, Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, Persons Third airplane show Houghton bi-wing plane #9. [A crowd of people are in attendance. Two of the planes are parked.]

Scanned: May 10, 2010

A Trip to the Islands

Transportation, Manners and Customs, Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, Huron Island, Tug George Rogers

Scanned: May 8, 2014

J. R. Dee's Houseboat

Transportation, Manners and Customs, Recreation, Outdoor Recreation, Buildings, Dwellings J. R. Dee's Houseboat. [Image of the houseboat at the dock. The boat shows a quarter board bearing the name of "Dreamer". Several row boats are lined up on the dock near a large tree. Quite the picture of decadence for 1908.]

Scanned: March 1, 2010