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MTU Homecoming

Manners and Customs, Musical Groups, Persons Homecoming Parade [Students dressed in Hobo attire and playing musical instruments march in the parade.]

Scanned: July 15, 2008

MTU Band

Persons, Musical Groups, Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress [The PeP Band is shown playing outside one of the campus buildings.]

Scanned: July 20, 2010

Spring Fling

Manners and Customs, Festivals, Persons, Musical Groups [Group of students gather to listen to a musical group.]

Scanned: July 17, 2007

Michigan Tech Spring Fling

Persons, Musical Groups, Manners and Customs, Festivals [A band plays during spring fling celebrations.]

Scanned: March 19, 2009

Michigan Tech K-Day

Persons, Manners and Customs, Festivals, Musical Groups [One of the local bands perform at Keweenaw Day festivites.]

Scanned: March 19, 2009

Entertainment - Music

Manners and Customs, Persons, Musical Groups [What may be the Calumet & Hecla Band hold a concert on the lawn of the Miscowaubik Club? Several people are gathered by the fence while others are sitting on the lawn.]

Scanned: December 1, 2010

Central Mine Band

Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress, Persons, Musical Groups Central Mine Band [Members of the band pose for a photo with their musical instruments.]

Scanned: March 5, 2010

Sports and Recreation - Football - 1911

Manners and Customs, Recreation, Sports, Ball Games, Football, Persons, Ethnology, Ethnic Groups Here is the much famed and renowned Quincy One and All Football Team, the champions of the Upper Peninsula in 1911, two years before the eventful Copper Country strike. Featuring all Cousin Jacks, according to Bill Towsey of Hancock, a native of Cornwall himself, the unit at varied times had as many as five mining captains in its makeup. FROM LEFT, UPPER: F. Osborne, Captain C. Kenall, T. Crocker, A. Marshall, A Murtaugh and Captain T. Maunders. SECOND ROW: W. Commons, Captain Jacobs, C. Gilbert, S. Whale, T. Prout and Captain W. Sampson. THIRD ROW: W. Mead, R. Allen, C. Roberts, H. Hancock, T. Nicholls and P. Hoare. The photo was the product of the Hancock Furniture Co. of 123 Quincy St., Hancock. [Studio portrait of the team. See comment section for more information.]

Scanned: February 12, 2009

Homecoming Parade in Houghton, MI

Persons, Manners and Customs, Musical Groups Homecoming Parade in Houghton, MI. [The Houghton High School Marching Band. Students wearing band uniforms and cowboy boots march down Shelden Ave. Spectators line the street.]

Scanned: January 20, 2009

MTU Student Organizations - Pep Band

Persons, Musical Groups, Manners and Customs, Festivals Pep Band at Parade of Nations

Scanned: March 15, 2011