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Ships, Sailing Ships, Sailboats, Water, Lakes, Sailboat [A photo of a small, two-masted sailboat on a lake.]

Scanned: April 7, 2006


Transportation, Air Travel, Water, Lakes, Ships Ripley in backround [An early model of a sea plane makes a landing on Portage Lake.]

Scanned: December 10, 2007

Canals - Portage

Inland Navigation, Canals, Water, Lakes, Ships Two lake freighters passing on the Portage Canal (one possibly the George E. Crawford) [Black smoke billows out of the stacks of the ships, each traveling in a different direction.]

Scanned: March 5, 2008

Canals - Portage

Inland Navigation, Canals, Water, Lakes, Ships Freight boat in Portage Entry or Portage Canal [View of the boat traveling on the calm waters of the canal.]

Scanned: March 5, 2008

Cities & Towns - Copper Harbor

Buildings, Water, Lakes, Ships Copper Harbor from Brockway Mountain. [View of Lake Superior showing freighters as well as the settlement of Copper Harbor.]

Scanned: March 18, 2008

Cities & Towns - Houghton

Ships, Water, Lakes, Buildings View of Houghton [Post card view of Houghton. A large ship can be seen on Portage Lake.]

Scanned: March 28, 2008


Water, Lakes, Ships, Sailing Ships, Sailboats, Human Settlements Sailboat on unidentified lake [A group of buildings can be seen on shoreline]

Scanned: April 13, 2006


Ships, Water, Lakes, Buildings, Church Buildings S. S. Northwest, Hougton. [Photo shows the Houghton Country Courthouse],

Scanned: April 13, 2006


Seasons, Winter, Ships, Water, Lakes Forward view of the Morland wreck showing 5 feet of ice. Reid Wrecking Co. tug at work. [View of the ice covered freighter.]

Scanned: July 28, 2006

Canals - Portage Canal

Inland Navigation, Canals, Water, Lakes, Ships Boats on Lily Pond [Numerous vessels of all types are shown at Lily Pond.]

Scanned: March 10, 2008