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Bridges - Portage Lake

Transportation, Bridges, Persons, Water, Lakes Street car crossing Portage Lake Bridge Houghton/Hancock [Image of a street car and a few pedestrians on the bridge.]

Scanned: March 24, 2011

M.H. & O Locomotive #1

Transportation, Railroads, Persons, Water, Lakes M. H. & O Locomotive #1 and gravel train, Houghton

Scanned: September 14, 2010

Portage Lake Waterfront

Persons, Transportation, Bridges, Water, Lakes The "Sea Gull" floundered in yesterdays severe windstorm that churned Portage Lake into a seething froth. It broke loose from its moorings on the dock of the Co-op Fisheries in west Hancock. The owner, Matt Saari and an assistant rushed by car to the shore near the Naval Reserve Station to seize it. They were assisted by Conservation Officer, Walter F. Nelms, shown with a rope, John Wiitanen, Houghton County sheriffs deputy, and a military policeman from the Keweenaw Radar Base. It was finally secured, the engine started and it was on its way. [Good photo of the old bridge and waterfront area.]

Scanned: April 1, 2009

Transportation - Airplanes

Transportation, Air Travel, Persons, Water, Lakes From boat to seaplane to land plane that is the experience these Isle Royale tourists enjoyed recently as they arrived at the Air Port Sands in Houghton. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Asher and friend and William Leithold, pilot of the land plane stop to chat as Robert Ruch, pilot of the seaplane, prepares for a return to Isle Royale. [The two planes and their passengers are pictured at the sands. See comment section for further information.]

Scanned: October 30, 2007

Bridges - Portage Lake

Transportation, Bridges, Water, Lakes, Persons Wreck of the draw. [Image of the collapsed draw of the bridge after being struck by steamer Northern Wave]]

Scanned: April 12, 2007