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Cities & Towns - Eagle Harbor

Water, Lakes, Persons, Buildings Eagle Harbor Water Dept. [A man has driven his horse and wagon into the lake. The wagon is equipped with barrels and buckets.]

Scanned: March 7, 2008

Biography - Francis Jacker

Persons, Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Water, Lakes Jacker Homestead Portage Entry [photo of Jacker watching his dog retrieve a stick. House and waterfront in background.]

Scanned: December 19, 2007

Beatrice Putnam at Eagle Harbor Beach

Water, Lakes, Persons, Buildings [Beatrice Putnam sits on a rock while overlooking the water at Eagle Harbor Beach]

Scanned: July 1, 2014

Snow Vehicles

Water, Lakes, Persons, Buildings Marsh buggy demonstration on Portage Canal. The machine was developed by the Gulf Oil Co. for swamp work in Louisiana and Florida. It is being tested out as a desirable vehicle to "float" on snow just as it floats on water. The marsh buggy was brought to the area through invitation by the Corps of Engineers' Military Division. The Keweenaw Field Station (SIPRE) is a laboratory with the Corps.

Scanned: January 7, 2009

Country Life

Persons, Buildings, Water, Lakes [A man sits in a field area by the side of a dirt road. A barn-like building with a chimney stands near a lake. The dirt road leads to a building that may be a farm.]

Scanned: July 22, 2009