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IMU Parade

Historic Sites, Historic Districts, Labor Movements, Labor Unions, Manners and Customs IMU Parade- Front Street, Hancock. Lnt. Moulder's Union Parade.

Scanned: July 24, 2012

W. F. of Miners Parade

Labor Movements, Labor Unions, Labor Movements, Historic Sites, Historic Districts Labor dispute- 1913 Strike; W.F. of Miners Parade. [Post card featuring a photo of a parade during the 1913 workers' strike.]

Scanned: July 24, 2012

Strikers Parade in Calumet

Labor Movements, Labor Movements, Labor Unions, Historic Sites, Historic Districts Strikers Parade Calumet Michigan [Postcard showing an image from a strikers' parade in Calumet during the 1913-14 labor strike. This image shows a man marking with a sign reading, "Calumet Hecla Headquarters Boston."]

Scanned: July 24, 2012