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Biography - Earl John Opal

Persons, Sign and Signboards, Human Settlements Earl John Opal eldest son of Henry Opal, Sr. Retired CIA agent. Unknown state. [Mr. Opal stands next to a Opal Dept. of highways sign in a unknown location.]

Scanned: December 18, 2007

Welcome Sign - Calumet/Laurium

Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Sign and Signboards, Welcome to Calumet & Laurium. Gateway to Keweenaw. Visit Calumet Opera House and the Keweenaw Central Steam Train; Laurium Geo. Gipp Memorial. "The Land of the Big Ones!"

Scanned: November 1, 2010

Buildings - Hospitals

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Human Settlements, Sign and Signboards Dispensary Quincy Mining Company. "Almost from the start, Quincy and other Lake Superior mines provided their workers with medical services at modest charge." OLD RELIABLE p. 37 [View of the building from the dirt road showing the Dispensary sign.]

Scanned: February 11, 2008

Calumet & Hecla

Buildings, Dwellings, Human Settlements, Sign and Signboards The old John Kingston farm house at Central. [Exterior view of the building with broken windows. A sign indicates that Gratiot Lake is 5 miles away.]

Scanned: October 12, 2009


Sign and Signboards, Historical markers, Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, [Sign erected by the Keweenaw County Road Commission telling the story of Copper Harbor.]

Scanned: November 19, 2008

Signs - George Gipp

Sign and Signboards, Human Settlements, Persons Dominic M. Vairo, Notre Dames captain and All-American end of the early 30s is speaker at Laurium sign dedication. Seated on platform are H. D. Stott, left, George Zimmerman and Joseph Kline. The new sign is located on the "Y" of Highway U.S. 41 and South Rockland Street, Raymbaultown. The sign was purchased by the Laurium Chamber of Commerce from the U.P. Neon Service of Hancock. [Dedication ceremonies for the "Welcome to Laurium, Home of George Gipp Notre Dame All American" sign are pictured.]

Scanned: April 15, 2009

Signs - Eagle Harbor

Sign and Signboards, Historical markers, Human Settlements, Woody Plants, Trees Horace Greeley landed here on June 15th, 1847. He came on the Independence, the first propeller boat on Lake Superior. It has a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour. That night, Greeley reported, the harbor was frozen over for some distance from shore. There was no dock and oxen he had brought from Detroit were thrown over board to swim ashore. Eagle Harbor was first settled by copper propspectors in 1844 and later became headquarters for many of the copper mines located along the range of hills to the south. The Knights of Pythias ritual was written here by Justus H. Rathbone during the winter of 1859-60. The little school house in which he taught is preserved as a shrine by the Knights of Pythias national association. [Photo of the rustic sign telling the story of Eagle Harbor. An automobile and a man are visible behind the sign.]

Scanned: April 15, 2009

Signs - Hancock Lions Club

Sign and Signboards, Human Settlements, Located near the Hancock end of the bridge, this Lions Club sign is attracting considerable attention. Painted by Walter Lindala, the display not only directs the traveling public to the city but it also informs of the second and fourth Tuesday meetings. [Photo of the sign showing the emblem for the Lions Club as well as some safe driving advice.]

Scanned: April 16, 2009

Signs - L'Anse

Sign and Signboards, Human Settlements, When L'Anse goes in for sign erections it does so in an all encompassing way. The photo shows the not yet dedicated stone and concrete based sign over the highway entering L'Anse from the general direction of the eastern communities in Baraga and Marquette county. The spreading "Visit L'Anse" is the work of the Neon Light Sign Co. of Iron Mountain and was sponsored by the Booster Club of the town. Finances came from the town's business establishments. It is 40 feet long and five feet in depth at the highest sign point. The reverse side says "Goodbye, Thank You and Hurry Back." The big display was transported to Baraga County by Leo Erickson's forest products truck. [The sign also points out some of the best places to visit in the area such as: Sturgeon Gorge, Bay Shore Drive, Falls River Trail, Indian Cemetery, Silver Falls, Village Power Dam, Second Sand Beach, Brownstone Quarry, Township Park and Pequaming.]

Scanned: April 15, 2009

Ontonagon Tourist Center

Historic Sites, Sign and Signboards, Human Settlements, Cities and Towns Ontonagon's main thoroughfare features this sign indicating location of the historical museum. Within the building over which stand sentry are enclosed hundreds of historic gems of the great Ontonagon country, a land of pioneering timber, metal and agriculture. The museum is one of the few in the Upper Peninsula where visitors have the opportunity of touching the displays and analyzing texture and material. [Photo of the sign indicating the location of the tourist center.]

Scanned: November 2, 2007