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Saloons and Taverns

Industries, Service Industries, Hospitality Industry, Taverns (inns), Buildings, Human Settlements, Cities and Towns Stubbs, the tavern unusual, out-of-the-ordinary and rare in a community the size of Ontonagon is more than a refreshment stand for adulthood of the community. It is a logging museum and repository that would do well in a town 10 times the size of the Lake Superior village of some 2,500 people. Its tales of lumberjacks, deposits to avoid times of strife and its stories of the events of the village are legion. Both outside and inside the building is a resting place of Ontonagonia running the gamut from oldtime photos to cant books, saws and sawbucks. Stubbs cannot be understood by looking at this photo. Its interior must be seen to be appreciated. Stubbs is not only rare to Ontonagon County, the Copper Country and to the western tier of northern peninsula counties. It is rare even on the basis of Upper Michigan and state status. Its floor show is continuous despite the fact that it is non-movable. The feature attractions rest on the wall and floor, all nostalgically reminiscent of days of yesteryear in the Ontonagon Country. [Image of the exterior of the building displaying some examples of signs, wagon wheels and other items similar to what can be found inside.]

Scanned: April 13, 2009