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Redridge - Town Scenes

Buildings, Historic Sites, A panoramic view of Redridge, Michigan taken from the trestle of a bridge over the Redridge Steel Dam in the summer of 1916. This view especially points out the Congregational Church and its parsonage in the forground, In the middle is the Baltic Mining Companys Boarding House. The Atlantic Mining Companys Boarding house was located just across from the big school and it burned down in a blizzard on January 27, 1939. These buildings in the foreground burned down in the great holocaust of May 3, 1937 in which the parsonage and church burned as did the Catholic church and several other structures and homes. The fire in 1937 was caused by lack of electrical power to run the fire pump at the Baltic Mill because the power was shut off to permit men to paint the steel poles of the power line from Atlantic Mine to Freda. It was on a Sunday. This view of Redridge is only a small portion of a town of 1,100 population in 1900 through 1916. In the Great Depression days it dwindled to less than 500 and now it has only 30 souls. The town boasted three stores, -- A "Candy Store", Atlantic Mining Companys Store and the Baltic Mining Companys store, as well as a saloon, the Blue Ribbon, It had three major bands: the Big Band, the Junior Band, and a Hawaiian Orchestra. Herb Wilkings, the son of the Band-master of the Big Band went on later to eventually become one of the bandmasters of a Hollywood movie band, as well as guest artist of the Ringling Brothers-Barnum Bailey Circuses. Another young man, Robert Kneebone, became a wealthy philanthropist and international diplomat in social affairs and progress. Lucille W Brinkman became the first graduate woman metallurgist on the west coast according to a writeup in the San Francisco-Call Bulletin in 1947.

Scanned: September 16, 2013

Redridge, Michigan

Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Historic Sites, Historic Districts, Central part of Redridge, Michigan in June of 1940. Notice ruins of the old Atlantic Mining Company's Boarding house which burned down on January 27, 1939 in a blizzard. It was once occupied by Mr and Mrs John Mikkel and Mr and Mrs August Kaisaer. [View of homes with fenced in yards in Redridge, Michigan.]

Scanned: September 17, 2013

Redridge Fire

Disasters, Fires, Historic Sites, Historic Districts, Five fire departments stood by but had no water. Woodman Hall on fire, the Catholic church was next. The Hurontown fire department put out the fire.

Scanned: September 17, 2013

Frost in Shaft House

Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Copper Mines and Mining, Historic Sites, Historic Mines, Frost in Shaft House [Interior view of a mine shaft house showing considerable ice buildup. Photo imprinted with the words "Photo by Isler 805.]

Scanned: August 3, 2005

View of Lake Linden

Buildings, Historic Sites, Historic Districts, A view of the town called Lake Linden during its early days. [Residential houses, the Lake Linden Theater and the First Congressional Church are some of the buildings that are visible in the Photo. Also visible are buildings across the lake and some mining features.}

Scanned: June 21, 2011

Delaware Mine

Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Copper Mines and Mining, Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Company Towns, Historic Sites, Historic Mines Delaware Mine [An overview shot of the Delaware Mine. An older shafthouse and hoist house are in the foreground, while the rest of the town makes up the bulk of the photo. A rockhouse and elevated tramroad are on the left side of the photo. The original negative is somewhat damaged.]

Scanned: May 11, 2006

Belt Stamp Mill

Historic Sites, Historic Mines, Manufacturing Process, Mills and Millwork, Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Copper Mines and Mining [Photo of the Belt Stamp Mill after the complex has been put out of comission; the windows of the mill are boarded up.]

Scanned: August 8, 2011

Jackson Iron Mine

Metal Trade, Iron Industry and Trade, Iron Mines and Mining, Natural Resources, Mines and Mineral Resources, Iron Mines and Mining, Historic Sites, Historic Mines Jackson Iron Mine [Entrance into cave like mining tunnel. Tunnel is carved into the side of a rock face.]

Scanned: October 17, 2006

Old Cliff Mine

Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Copper Mines and Mining, Buildings, Historic Sites, Historic Mines Old Cliff Mine [A poor photo of the remains of the old Cliff Mine. Several dilapidated buildings are visible in the foreground with the bulk of the site in the middle of the photograph.]

Scanned: January 16, 2007

Cliff Mine

Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Copper Mines and Mining, Buildings, Historic Sites, Historic Mines Cliff Mine-oldest mine on Lake Superior [A closeup photo of the abandoned structures at the Cliff Mine. The mine and rock tramway are in the background.]

Scanned: January 16, 2007