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Coppertown, U.S.A.

Geography, Maps, Historic Sites, Coppertown, U.S.A. A Historic and Tourist Center Concept for the Keweenaw Peninsula [Plan for Theme Center Activities]

Scanned: December 8, 2008

Coppertown U.S.A.

Historic Sites, , Coppertown U.S.A. A Historic and Tourist Center Concept for the Keweenaw Peninsula. This preliminary design concept and development program was prepared for UOP Realty Development Company of Des Plaines, Illinois, a wholly owned subsidiary of UOP (Universal Oil Products Company) by Barton-Aschman Associates, planning and engineering consultants.

Scanned: July 27, 2010

Coppertown U.S.A.

Historic Sites, , The Coppertown U.S.A. Fund, a non-profit public educational foundation, is developing and expanding the former Calumet and Hecla Mining Co. headquarters complex into COPPERTOWN U.S.A. - The historic, mining, education, ethnic and tourist center where history and traditions will live again and be a year-round source of inspiration, fun, and excitement to visitors of all ages. The complex includes: The Library Museum; The Ethnic and Cultural Center; The Copper Mining Technology Museum; The Copper Products Exhibition Center; The Festival Plaza; The Copper Miners Statue; The Motor Hotel; The Roundhouse. The entire project is listed on the National Resgister of Historic Places.

Scanned: July 27, 2010

Douglass Houghton Monument

Sign and Signboards, Historical markers, Historic Sites, Historical Markers, Monument of Douglass Houghton Michigan's First State Geologist. Drowned off shore of Lake Superior Oct. 13, 1845. Monument located on Lake Shore Scenic Drive M-26 at Eagle River, Michigan.

Scanned: November 2, 2010

Rathbone School

Buildings, Historic Sites, Justus H. Rathbone taught school in this little school house, Eagle Harbor, Michigan 1858-1861. While teaching here, he wrote the Ritual for the Knights of Phythias Lodge. The Order was founded in Washington, D.C. in 1864, by Rathbone.

Scanned: November 3, 2010

Shelden Street - Houghton

Historic Sites, Historic Districts, Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, 1898 View of Shelden Street in Houghton, Michigan [Shelden is spelled incorrectly on post card.]

Scanned: November 5, 2010

Quincy Mine

Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Copper Mines and Mining, Historic Sites, Historic Mines, Front: Copper Country - The Keweenaw Peninsula, in Michigans Western Upper Peninsula, is rich in the lore of its colorful history. Copper was mined here by the earliest Indian civilizations. A succession of copper mining interests and techniques ensued, bringing colorful eras into being. Relics, artifacts, monuments and memorabilia attest to the ingenuity and dedication of those who coped with the life and times of an amazing period. Back: Quincy Mine - This famous mine, which included the worlds largest steam hoist, brought its ore to the surface from an inclined depth of 9, 260 feet, during its period of operation, 1920 to 1931.

Scanned: November 9, 2010

Keweenaw Land - Copper Country

Historic Sites, , Keweenaw Land of Michigan's Copper Country [Post Card showing various scenes from the Copper Country]

Scanned: November 9, 2010

Pelkie Grade School

Buildings, Historic Sites, The historic Pelkie Grade School, built in 1909, was in use until 1932. Later it served as a Town Hall. In 1979 the Sturgeon Valley Historical Society began restoration of the buiding which now is a museum.

Scanned: November 11, 2010

National Ave., Rockland, Michigan

Transportation, Roads, Historic Sites, Historic Mines, Buildings View on National Ave., Rockland, MI. after the big snow storm. [Shows the small town blanketed in snow, and some of the downtown buildings boardering the car-less street.]

Scanned: June 9, 2011