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Monuments - Civil War

Historic Sites, Historical Markers, Armed Forces, Soldiers, This Civil War monument rests on College Avenue in Houghton. Decorating the north side of the street, the statuary is appropriately mounted on a stone pedestal and is nicely framed by trees growing immediately north of the avenue sidewalk. The soldier atop the base, facing south, depicts the military attire of the time. Probably no better location could be imagined for the site in that Portage channel is a part of the deep gorge which forms the enclosure for the lake water. A large delegation of military men fought under the banner of the Houghton company from July, 1862 to July, 1865. The memoriam is on behalf of the Houghton company which was composed not only of Portage Lake district men but of men from nearby counties. [Photo of the memorial showing a marching soldier with rifle.]

Scanned: March 10, 2009