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Fire #4 Shaft - North Tamarack Mine

Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Copper Mines and Mining, Seasons, Winter, Accidents, Fires Fire #4 Shaft - North Tamarack Mine [A winter photo of a fire at a mine shaft. A number of men and boys are posing in front of the structure. The negative is imprinted with the words "Fire No 4 Shaft North Tamarack Mine Feb 2, 97, Photo by Isler #12". ]

Scanned: October 7, 2005

Fires - Calumet Hotel

Seasons, Winter, Accidents, Fires, Industries, Service Industries, Hospitality Industry, Hotels Calumet Hotel after fire. [Photo of the ice-covered building. Most of the structure is still intact.]

Scanned: February 10, 2010