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Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Copper Mines and Mining, Buildings, Labor Movements, Labor Unions [A group of people stand in front of a sandstone building carrying signs that read: "We mean Hietala, Brander, Mikko, Pietila, Alane, Warmanen, Reinikainen" "No Red Flag For Us", "We Mean What We Say", "40,000 Finns Demand Mikko Must Go", "We Want Work, Peace, Plenty - Not Agitators".]

Scanned: January 12, 2010

Mining Strike

Labor Movements, Labor Unions, Miners, Copper Miners, Buildings [Some of the picketers are shown. One carries a sign "One Man Machine - Our Agitator". Another carries a sign requesting "We Demand Higher Wages and Better Working Conditions." Another sign states "Something just as good. Miners ask for bread Jim offers lead" written below a drawing of a man. The group is gathered outside of Dunn's and the office of the Calumet Miners Union No. 203 W. F. of M.]

Scanned: October 21, 2009