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West Hancock

Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Water, Lakes, Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals [Aerial view of West Hancock showing two hospitals, old streetcar power station and many houses. Photograph also shows part of Portage Lake and the south side with the Houghton Canal road. Wing spar of airplane also visible at upper right.]

Scanned: July 18, 2007

Buildings - Hotels & Taverns

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Water, Lake Breeze Hotel - Eagle Harbor, MI [Photo of the hotel with a walk around porch at the front.]

Scanned: February 6, 2008

Buildings - Hotels & Restaurants

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Persons, Water Phoenix House? [People gather on the wrap around porch of the building. The building is located next to a creek or pond and a large piece of driftwood sits on the edge of the pond.]

Scanned: February 6, 2008

St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center

Water, Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, Hancock, MI [Lakeside view of the hospital and related buildings.]

Scanned: November 3, 2010

Huron Street - Houghton

Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Water, Lakes Huron Street - Houghton looking toward Hancock [Photo shows dirt street, stone building, boat on Portage Lake. Photo published by R. Acton. Original overexposed.]

Scanned: February 9, 2006

A view of Houghton from Ripley

Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Water, Buildings, Commercial Buildings Houghton, viewed from Ripley [A view across the Portage showing the shorelines of Hancock and Houghton. Hubbell Hall is visible in the distance.]

Scanned: October 28, 2005

Cities and Towns - Hancock

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Stores, Retail, Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Water, Lakes [View of Hancock showing the water treatment plant, the Hotel Scott, a Texaco station and the A & P Grocery store.]

Scanned: April 18, 2007

Saint Joseph Hospital

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Water, Lakes, Woody Plants, Trees Old St. Joseph's Hospital [from across the lake]

Scanned: June 1, 2006

Floods - Jacob's Creek

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Water, Woody Plants, Trees A Keweenaw County resident braves the rushing waters of flooded Jacob's Creek late Wednesday afternoon, standing on an impromptu "safety island" in the center of what once was a 1,000 foot stretch of Highway M-26, about three miles north of Eagle River. A couple of hours later almost half of the motel at left broke off and was swept away in the flow. The flash flood, believed caused by the bursting of a series of beaver dams, uprooted huge trees and boulders, leaving giant mounds of debris in its wake. [Image of the rushing waters and the Northern Motel it is about to consume.]

Scanned: February 16, 2009


Harbors, Docks, Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Restaurants, Water [Photo of what may be Copper Harbor showing the dock and the Isle Royale Dining Room building with a large "Food" sign on the roof.]

Scanned: October 25, 2007