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Lakeview Cemetery

Burials, Cemeteries, Seasons, Winter, Accidents Lakeview Cemetery- Italian Hall Funeral? [A photo of a large gathering in a cemetery. There is snow on the ground and the people are all wearing dark clothing. The original photo is blurry.]

Scanned: April 17, 2006

Lake View Cemetery

Burials, Cemeteries, , Lake View Cemetery - Monument [A photo of a war monumnet honoring the Calumet veterans killed in the Spanish American and Civil Wars.]

Scanned: April 4, 2006

Birdseye View of Hancock

Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Burials, Cemeteries, Birdseye View of Hancock, MI. In the Copper Country of Michigan's Upper Peninsula [Color view of Hancock showing the cemetery.]

Scanned: June 7, 2006


Burials, Cemeteries, Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress, Lake View Cemetery [A crowd gathered around a large statue at cemetery]

Scanned: April 5, 2006

Disasters - Italian Hall

Burials, Cemeteries, Accidents, Disasters The trenches at the Lake View Cemetery where the victims were buried. [A row of wooden coffins await burial.]

Scanned: August 2, 2006

Disasters - Italian Hall

Accidents, Burials, Cemeteries, Persons Gravesite for people who died at the Italian Hall disaster. [Numerous people gather at the grave containing many of the coffins of the victims.]

Scanned: January 29, 2008

Biography - Suino

Persons, Burials, Cemeteries, Monument of G (?) Suino with Marie Suino (left) and other Suino (?) children. [Three forlorn children pose next to the Suino gravestone.]

Scanned: December 19, 2007

Copper Country Soldiers and Sailors in the World War

Armed Forces, Soldiers, History, Modern, 20th Century, World War, 1914, 1918, Burials, Cemeteries Grave of Capt. Ira G. Penberthy 107th U.S. Engineers. Killed in motor accident, March 25, 1918, in France. [Postcard image of the highly decorated grave of Capt. Penberthy.]

Scanned: October 14, 2008


Burials, Cemeteries, , [Headstone marking the burial site for Mary Ann, wife of N. Doudge who died July 14, 1863: aged 38 years. By her side lies her infant daughter.]

Scanned: November 10, 2008


Burials, Cemeteries, , [Two headstones marking the graves of Willie B. Slawson and Pricilla, wife of John Slawson.]

Scanned: November 10, 2008