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Locomotion, Boats and Boating, Workboats, Tugboats, Inland Navigation, Canals, Seasons, Winter Ships - Moreland Wrecking crew, Reid's Tugs Sarnia City, and Manistique coming in canal for shelter. [The ships are pictured in a ice covered canal.]

Scanned: August 8, 2006


Inland Navigation, Canals, Locomotion, Boats and Boating, Workboats, Tugboats, Seasons, Winter Ships on ice. Reid Wrecking Co. Tug's forcing their way out of the canal December 15, 1910 bound for St. Moreland 10 below zero. [The names of Capt. Hayes and Capt. Crockett are written on the front of the photo.]

Scanned: August 8, 2006

Winter view of Quincy operations

Seasons, Winter, Inland Navigation, Canals, Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Copper Mines and Mining Across Portage lake to Hancock

Scanned: May 9, 2014

Portage Lake

Inland Navigation, Canals, Seasons, Winter, Portage Lake View

Scanned: June 3, 2014