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Laurium Bottling Works

Buildings, , [A cart sits out front of Laurium Bottling Works (N. Miettunen)]

Scanned: December 7, 2007

Italian Hall

Buildings, Clubhouses, Societies, Cooperative Societies, Seasons, Winter, Winter Storms Italian Benevolant Society Hall [A winter photo of snow removal activities in from of the Calumet Italian Hall. A man is standing on a horse-drawn wagon carrying a load of snow. Two other structures are partially shown in the photo. ]

Scanned: September 15, 2005

Fifth Street

Buildings, Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Company Towns, Persons 5th Street - Calumet [A group of poeple on the corner in Calumet]

Scanned: December 7, 2007

House and Mine Shaft

Buildings, Dwellings, Historic Sites, Historic Mines, Road to house and mine shaft - possibly Quincy Location with shaft #7 in the background. [Autumn landscape scene with a dirt road, house, picket fence, mine structures and a shaft-rockhouse. Photo mounted on a matte backing embossed with J.W. Nara Photo - Calumet, Mich.]

Scanned: August 2, 2005

Post Office

Buildings, Public Buildings, Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress, Post Office [The photo shows a small, one story wood building with a Post Office sign above the front door. Three men are outside of the building and a few buildings are visible in the background.]

Scanned: March 17, 2006

Street Scene

Buildings, , [A row of house straddle each side of a dirt road]

Scanned: December 7, 2007

C&H Shaft-rockhouse

Metal Trade, Copper Industry and Trade, Copper Mines and Mining, Buildings, Transportation, Railroads Mine Shaft - Location Unknown [A photo of a shaft-rockhouse on the Calumet conglomerate lode. An exposed skip road, a collar house and a locomotive are also visible.]

Scanned: March 17, 2006

Salvation Army Building - Calumet

Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress, Buildings, Salvation Army Building - Calumet [A photo of a large group of children outside a wooden building with a Salvation Army sign. A few adults are standing on the steps of the building and everyone is in fancy dress.]

Scanned: March 20, 2006

Barbershop - Calumet

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Barbershops, Ethnology, Ethnic Groups, Minorities, Barbershop - Calumet [An interior photo of a barbershop. Three barbers stand ready and an African-American man is seated in the rear of the shop with a broom.]

Scanned: March 20, 2006

5th Street, Calumet

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress, 5th Street, Calumet [A photo of a three story, wooden commercial building in Calumet. The Central Hotel and the Calumet Club are on the first floor and the building has a false front on the top. A horse and buggy are in the foreground and a group of men are standing on the wooden sidewalk. Same as MTU Neg 02434.]

Scanned: March 20, 2006