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Biography - Oleson

Persons, Buildings, Woody Plants, Trees On left, William Peter Oleson, born May 6, 1884 - Hancock, MI. Unknown person on right. [The two men pose on the steps of the Cedar Lodge.]

Scanned: December 17, 2007

Buildings - Houses

Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees [Exterior view of a house surrounded by a fence. The upper windows are church like. Two women stand on the steps leading to the front porch. A man is visible to the back of the building.]

Scanned: February 6, 2008

Buildings - Cabins

Buildings, Woody Plants, Trees, Persons Section 16 Cabin, Calumet [A man dressed in shirt and tie stands in knee high grass in front of the log cabin.]

Scanned: June 14, 2006

Buildings - Houses - Exterior - Copper Falls

Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Woody Plants, Trees, Persons Louise Padberg's place, white stocking row at Copper Falls purchased by Robert and Beth Patterson of Houghton in 1978. [Well dressed men stand near the side of the building. ]

Scanned: February 13, 2008

Buildings - MTU Frat Houses - Sigma Rho

Buildings, Clubhouses, Woody Plants, Trees, Persons Sig Rho House [Exterior view of the building. Some of the members are standing on the stairs. They are bottom to top: Udell C. Young; A. G. Ballenger; Martin Holland, Merlin Foard; ?; Clinton Ball, Foreman L?; L. J. Coman.]

Scanned: April 23, 2008

Buildings - Churches - Cliff

Buildings, Church Buildings, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees Church at Cliff it was moved to Phoenix location in 1898. [A man stands underneath a tree next to the church. The building appears to be in a dilapidated condition.]

Scanned: February 4, 2008

Buildings - Houses - Exterior

Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Woody Plants, Trees, Persons Houses - Home Sweet Home [Three children sit in a field. A boy with his hands in his pockets stands by himself in the distance.]

Scanned: February 13, 2008

Fraternity House

Buildings, Dwellings, Woody Plants, Trees, Persons Frat House Exterior [Image of an unknown fraternity house. Three of its members sit on the brick steps with their dog. A address plate of 218 is on the front of the building.]

Scanned: July 10, 2007

Mining Strike

Persons, Buildings, Dwellings, Housing, Single Family, Woody Plants, Trees Boys imitating the soldiers. [Photo of what appears to be a group of children pretending to be guardsmen in their back yard. The props include American flags and tents as well.]

Scanned: October 23, 2009

Log Shanty

Buildings, Persons, Woody Plants, Trees Old Log Shanty at Copper Harbor. Jud North claims this house was built about 1843 [A barely visible man inspects the remains of the dwelling.]

Scanned: February 12, 2010