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Schools - Otter Lake Agricultural School

Buildings, Education, Woody Plants, Trees Otter Lake Agricultural School [Exterior view of the building in the woods.]

Scanned: February 24, 2010


Education, Buildings, Public Buildings, Woody Plants, Trees Famed Hubbell School in Houghton. Was once the much frequented forestry building on the Michigan Tech Campus. [Photo of the Jay A. Hubbell school showing some of its' architectural detail]

Scanned: February 1, 2007

Schools - St. Joseph Parochial School

Buildings, Education, Woody Plants, Trees Built in 1930, the St. Joseph bulding is of steel and masonry construction and has 32,800 gross square feet of floor space. The Lake Linden-Hubbell Board of Education has entered into an agreement to purchase the St. Joseph building from the Diocese of Marquette for $70,000. Plans now are for the St. Joseph's building to house the kindergarten and grades one through four. [Exterior view of the building.]

Scanned: February 11, 2009

Schools - Doelle

Buildings, Education, Woody Plants, Trees Doelle School Today [A through the trees view of the school building.]

Scanned: January 20, 2009

Central Mine School

Education, Buildings, Woody Plants, Trees Central Mine School (7/1921) [Front Profile of the Central Mine School]

Scanned: December 6, 2006