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Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Barbershops, Industries, Service Industries, Barbershops, Persons [Two men sit for a hair cut]

Scanned: December 10, 2007

Golden Pheasant Lounge

Industries, Service Industries, Hospitality Industry, Bars (drinking establishments), Buildings, [Exterior view of the building.]

Scanned: January 14, 2011

Surface Map, Atlas Powder Company

Industries, Buildings, Railroad Companies [Surface map of the explosives factory of the Atlas Powder Company at Senter, just west of Dollar Bay. Text box has been added (not on original) reading "Atlas Powder Company, Senter, Michigan, Ammended copy with pictures and foot notes by Bill Haller December 2005." Map does not include photographs or notes. ]

Scanned: July 19, 2007

Douglass House

Buildings, Public Buildings, Industries, Service Industries, Hospitality Industry, Hotels, Douglass House, Houghton, Mich. European Plan - First Class Dining Room in Connection Headquarters for Isle Royale

Scanned: November 4, 2010

Copper Crown Motel

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Industries, Service Industries, Hospitality Industry, The Copper Crown Motel - U.S. 41. Midtown, Hancock, Michigan. In the heart of the Copper Country of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Indoor heated swimming pool, Saunas, Air Conditioned, 34 units

Scanned: November 9, 2010

Bosch Brewing Co.

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Industries, [Front of Bosch Brewing Company building. The name of the company is shown in the brick work.]

Scanned: January 14, 2014

Last Keg of Bosch

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Industries, Last keg of Bosch beer delivered to Schmidts Corner bar. [People pile into a wagon out side of Schmidts. On the side of the wagon is painted, "Lake Linden, 1874, Bosch Brewing Co."]

Scanned: January 14, 2014

Hotel Perrault

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress, Industries, Service Industries, Hospitality Industry, Hotels Hotel Perrault - Lake Linden [A group of several men and three children standing in front of a brick two-story building. Three women are visible in the second story windows. The building has cloth awnings and wooden sidewalk in front. Torch Lake is visible in the background.]

Scanned: September 8, 2005

Charcoal Kiln

Industries, Buildings, Woody Plants, Trees Charcoal Kiln [Photo showing a kiln in a woodsy location]

Scanned: May 17, 2006

Calumet Hotel

Industries, Service Industries, Hospitality Industry, Hotels, Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Calumet Hotel [The porch section of the building is highlighted. Three men and a dog are standing on the porch. Good architectural detail.]

Scanned: May 17, 2006