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Buildings - MTU Frat Houses - Sigma Rho

Buildings, Clubhouses, Woody Plants, Trees, Persons Sig Rho House [Exterior view of the building. Some of the members are standing on the stairs. They are bottom to top: Udell C. Young; A. G. Ballenger; Martin Holland, Merlin Foard; ?; Clinton Ball, Foreman L?; L. J. Coman.]

Scanned: April 23, 2008


Buildings, Clubhouses, Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress, Persons Lake View Clubhouse [Several finely dressed gentlemen stand on the porch of the simple building.]

Scanned: August 29, 2006

Buildings - Fraternity Houses

Buildings, Clubhouses, Persons, [Photo of the Tau Kappa Epsilon house on College Avenue. Some of the members relax on the roof.]

Scanned: November 3, 2006

Buildings - American Legion

Buildings, Clubhouses, Persons, [Exterior view of the American Legion building made out of logs. Some of the members pose near the building.]

Scanned: December 22, 2008

Biography - Edgar Johnson

Persons, Buildings, Clubhouses, Directors and Officers of the Merchants and Miners Bank of Calumet honored Edgar Johnson, President at a dinner party at the Miscowaubik Club in Calumet. Seated from left are Paul W. Koljonen, Assistant Cashier; Oscar E. Holmstrom, Vice-President and Trust Officer; Herman Haas, Chairman of the Board and Girvin N. Roos, Assistant Cashier. Standing from left are T. J. Lepisto, Director; R. S. Koivunen, Director; George Craze, Jr. Cashier; Rudolph J. Vertin, Vice President; Burton C. Peterson, Director and Michael Sunich, Jr., Manager Laurium Branch and Assistant Cashier. [Image of the bank officials at the Miscowaubik Club.]

Scanned: August 10, 2007

Buildings - Clubhouses

Buildings, Clubhouses, Persons, The New Legion Clubhouse for Alfred Erickson Post 186 has been recently acquired by the Hancock body from the Houghton County Board of supervisors. Built in the late 30's by the N.Y.A., it will be completely renovated, moved back 20 feet from the road and set upon a new concrete basement. The Hancock legionnaires plan to spend several thousands of dollars to make this structure one of the finest in the Copper Country. The structure is a "T" shaped building and is 84 feet in length. Located on M-203 in west Hancock, the property will encompass several additional lots which will be used for parking area. On hand recently to open study of renovating plans were from left, Gabriel Masini, John Jacobson, Richard Hoyer, Dan MacDonald, W. H. Rahio, Arvid Wedmark, Ed Gillest, John Niemi and Al Murphy. [The men wearing their legion hats, stand in the tall grass outside of the building.]

Scanned: October 23, 2007

Buildings - Keweenaw Club

Buildings, Clubhouses, Persons, Manners and Customs, Clothing and Dress Keweenaw Club - Housekeeper and waitress. [Interior view of two women sitting in a room decorated in the Victorian fashion. One of them reads a book. First in a series of 5 individual records on the Keweenaw Club]

Scanned: May 8, 2009

Keweenaw Golf Club Staff

Buildings, Clubhouses, Industries, Service Industries, Persons Keweenaw Golf Club Staff [Photo of some of the waitresses at the club. Only one known is Evelyn Picchiottino, Second from the right.]

Scanned: July 23, 2010