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Buildings - Onigaming Supper Club

Buildings, Clubhouses, Locomotion, Boats and Boating, Resplendently white in all its newly painted and gleaming effects, the Onigaming Club, the supper version reminds one of "Things that used to be." Once the proud rendezvous of an exclusive yacht owning set, the building still retains the glamor of its setting, conviviality of its appointments and the attraction of its seemingly, never changing scenery. This is not the building though, that made for the Onigaming of 1894. Then it was a less modern structure, one that catered to the Rees and Rice, Leopol and Lieblein and Pope and Pryor names, just to mention a few. These titles stressed the legal, banking and publishing, mining and commercial and marine and lumbering pursuits, especially. [Photo of the Onigaming peeking over the railroad tracks.]

Scanned: February 17, 2009