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Transportation, Automotive, Seasons, Winter, Roads - US141 & M28 Fork [Two road signs almost hidden by a high snow bank.]

Scanned: May 10, 2010

Transportation - Automotive

Transportation, Automotive, Seasons, Winter, Persons New Dodge Six [A dog talks to the driver of the vehicle. Perhaps he wants to come along.]

Scanned: June 28, 2010

Transportation - Automobile

Transportation, Automotive, Persons, Seasons, Winter Paddy Slusarzyk of the Calumet District stands beside his famed Chrysler which goes back to the beaching of the City of Bangor in a Lake Superior storm on November 30, 1926. The car is now 45 years of age. Paddy so values the car that he says he even now would not take $1,000 for it despite its age. He runs it every day in the summer but in winter he merely turns the engine over to keep it "easy". [Paddy rests his foot on the running board of his prized vehicle.]

Scanned: December 7, 2006

Railroad Depots

Railroads, Buildings and Structures, Railroad Stations, Transportation, Automotive, Seasons, Winter Trains - Depots - Ontonagon in Winter. [Photo of the Ontonagon depot on a snowy day. A train engine with a plow attached removes snow from the tracks.]

Scanned: February 28, 2007

Buildings - Stores

Seasons, Winter, Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Stores, Retail, Transportation, Automotive The Uotila Clothing Store at Mass presented this uninspiring photo Wednesday afternoon after the heavy snowstorm of Monday. Merchandise on display in the windows could not be seen for the big banks. Some cars, nearby, were almost completely snow covered. Mass seemed to get the brunt of Michigan's snow Jan. 6.. [Image of the front of the store with snow almost covering the windows. The sun awning is still in place.]

Scanned: November 29, 2007

Portage Lake Lift Bridge

Transportation, Bridges, Transportation, Automotive, Seasons, Winter Use Other Walk - This sign on the northeast side of the bridge is almost unnecessary these days with the Portage Lake area snowfall so great. This is the first year the walk has seen so much snow before Yule. [Traffic passes over the snow covered bridge. Houghton High School can be seen in the distance.]

Scanned: December 5, 2007

Sports - Skiing

Manners and Customs, Recreation, Sports, Winter Sports, Skis and Skiing, Seasons, Winter, Transportation, Automotive Mont Ripley Skiers - This is just part of the delegation using the Michigan Tech ski facilities in Ripley Saturday and Sunday. The group represents the Vagabound Ski Club of Milwaukee. The photo shows the delegation just before they left the Scott Hotel for Mont Ripley. [The group stands by the bus bearing the Milwaukee-Madison via Highway 30 Badger Coaches - Madison, WIs. logo.]

Scanned: December 6, 2007

Snow Removal

Seasons, Winter, Persons, Transportation, Automotive "What's the holdup?" Those motorists to the rear of the Houghton city grader were a bit uneasy when a stalled car had to be assisted Friday afternoon on Shelden Avenue by the grader operator. Motorists parking alongside main thoroughfares in Houghton and Hancock were susceptible for a push or a pull as nearly a foot of snow fell during the day. [Image of the grader coming to the aid of a vehicle on a very snowy Shelden Avenue.]

Scanned: January 20, 2009

Snow Removal

Seasons, Winter, Street Cleaning, Snow Removal, Transportation, Automotive Youve seen them picking it up, but where on earth do they put it down? Houghtons extra snow gets dropped on the shores of Portage Lake at the Copper Range Railroad property just east of the bridge. Dont worry, theres still lots of space left. [A dump truck adds another load of snow to the pile.]

Scanned: January 12, 2009

Transportation - Bus Lines

Transportation, Automotive, Seasons, Winter, [Two White Pine Express busses are parked near a stand of trees. One displays a White Pine destination. The other Hancock.]

Scanned: December 17, 2008