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Buildings - Italian Hall

Buildings, Transportation, Automotive, Seasons Scene of Italian Hall, Calumet, Michigan. [Exterior view of the building on a rainy day. There is a "For Sale" sign in the window.]

Scanned: February 15, 2008

MTU - Buildings- Memorial Union

Buildings, Transportation, Automotive, Seasons Exterior View of the Memorial Union Building. [Image of the building showing the campus entrance. Vehicles that appear to be from the 1940s are parked in front of the building]

Scanned: September 29, 2008

Shelden Ave. - Houghton Winter Scene

Human Settlements, Cities and Towns, Seasons, Winter, Transportation, Automotive Shelden Ave. - Houghton Winter Scene [A winter photograph of downtown Houghton. The Douglass House, the People's Market and numerous cars are visible.]

Scanned: October 28, 2005

Buildings - Hospitals

Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Seasons, Winter, Transportation, Automotive Calumet Public Hospital, Laurium. [Exterior view of the building in winter. Two pick up trucks are parked near the building.]

Scanned: February 11, 2008

Cities & Towns - Houghton

Transportation, Automotive, Water, Seasons, Winter Downtown Houghton showing trucks, waterfront, ferry terminal, Quincy smelter and mine. [One of the trucks parked near a building may be a ice cream truck or ice delivery truck. ]

Scanned: April 16, 2008

Snow Scenes

Transportation, Roads, Seasons, Winter, Transportation, Automotive Calumet Avenue [A Calumet & Hecla building is pictured.]

Scanned: October 16, 2008

Snow Scenes

Seasons, Winter, Transportation, Automotive, East Pine Street Calumet. Somebody forgot his automobile on East Pine. [View of an automobile almost completely covered in snow.]

Scanned: December 13, 2010

Roads - M-26

Transportation, Automotive, Woody Plants, Trees, Seasons M-26 Out of Painesdale [A vintage automobile travels the scenic road on a fall day.]

Scanned: February 17, 2010


Transportation, Automotive, Woody Plants, Trees, Seasons Buick Roadster [The car poses for a photo in a wooded area.]

Scanned: February 17, 2010


Transportation, Automotive, Transportation, Roads, Seasons, Winter Keweenaw County Roads [A vehicle travels down the highway in winter. The trees are covered in ice.]

Scanned: April 28, 2010