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Fire Departments - Sherman Township

Fire Department, Officials and Employees, Fire Fighters, Transportation, Automotive, Persons Gay, in Sherman Township, population 171, has more than a utilitarian piece of fire equipment. It possesses a sort of minature cuteness as well. Here Supervisor Ray Leaveck observes the comic scene with which little Joanne Lehota sinks herself down into the driver's cushion. Standing at right is Joanne's great granddaddy, Napoleon Campeau, at one-time was head at the old Gay mill. [A vehicle that appears to be a jeep with some add ons serves as the townships's fire fighting equipment. An axe is secured to the side of the jeep above the tire.]

Scanned: April 13, 2009

Fire Departments - Hurontown

Fire Department, Officials and Employees, Fire Fighters, Volunteer Fire Fighters, Persons, Transportation, Automotive Radio equipped and rarin' to go - This Hurontown fire truck can summon police and ambulance help even where no telephones are available. [Some of the volunteer firefighters stand next to the radio equipped truck.]

Scanned: November 9, 2007

Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire Department, Officials and Employees, Buildings, Public Buildings, Fire Stations, Transportation, Automotive The newest addition to the fighting equipment of Houghton village is this big Oshkosh truck which was received late last week by the fire department. It is one of the latest type of fire fighting machines and can travel 55 miles an hour. From left, Earl Voetsch, assistant fire chief; Leo Archambeau, fireman; Ralph Voetsch, chief, and Andy Soderblom. Clarence (Smoky) Frazier is in the cab. [Picture of the fire truck parked at the fire station on Montezuma Avenue.]

Scanned: August 21, 2007

Hurontown Fire Department

Fire Department, Officials and Employees, Persons, Transportation, Automotive These Houghton Kindergartners were taken on a tour by the Hurontown Fire Department to show the youngsters the various aspects of fire fighting and its equipment. [The happy children line up for a photo beside the fire engine. (See comments section for more details.]

Scanned: October 16, 2007

Fire Department - Bootjack

Fire Department, Officials and Employees, Persons, Transportation, Automotive Neil Gillies, one of the 206 property owners along eight miles of Portage Lake in Bootjack proudly displays fire No. 31 which identifies his cottage with the Bootjack Fire Department. This fire system is the only one established in the Copper Country. Persons in photo from left are William Nara, chief; Reuben Rheault, Edmund Aittama, Wesley Sjoblom and Gilles. On truck from left to right, are Alex and David Campbell, Kenneth Bylkas and Wilbert Haapala. [Each of the men display a number representing their properties. The fire department truck is also shown.]

Scanned: October 17, 2007

Fire Departments - Houghton

Fire Department, Officials and Employees, Persons, Transportation, Automotive Fire Chief James Chapell is right proud of the new fire truck that the Houghton Department got for "a song". He appreciated the work done on it and the fact that now it is a great aid to the department which has its headquarters high above Houghton and, in winter, can almost slide to each fire. Chappell says he is both proud of the truck and the unit in that the latter is composed of "dedicated" men. [Mr. Chappell stands next to the new City of Houghton F.D. truck.]

Scanned: January 16, 2009